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The list

S'Nice (Espinosa)

Sacred Flame, The

Sailor and His Bottle, The (Anon)

Saint Joan (Shaw)

Saint Joan of the Stockyards

Saintly Simplicity (Chekhov)

Salad Days


Same Sky, The

Same Time Next Year

Samson and Delilah

Sandbox, The

Sandy and Jenny, or Love in the Sack (Griffin) See Love in a Sack

Sans Quartier, of Het Vergenoegen Overtreft den Rykdom (Merle and Brazier) See Le Savetier et le Financier, ou Contentement passe Richesse

Sarah's Young Man (Suter)



Saterdag, Sondag, Maandag

Satin and Tweed

Savage Love


Savetier, Le et le Financier, ou Contentement passe Richesse (Merle and Brazier)

Say Who You Are


Scape-goat, The (Poole)

Scapegrace, The (Buckstone) See The Scapegrace, or I've Been Roaming

Scapegrace, The, or I've Been Roaming (Buckstone)

Scarborough (Howarth)

Scenes from an Execution

Scent of Flowers, A

Schachsmaschine, Die, oder: Geniestreiche über Geniestreiche (Beck)

Schaking uit het Serail, De (Brezner/Mozart) See Die Entführing aus dem Serail

Schandmerk, Het, of De Twee Galeiboeven (Boirie, Carmouche and Poujol/ Tr De Quack)

De Schipbreuk, of De Korsaren op het Eiland Ivica (Brandes)

Schlaue Wittwe, Oder, Die Temperamente, Die (Von Kotzebue)

School for Scandal, The (Sheridan)

School for Husbands, The (Macklin)

School for Wives, The

School of Reform, or How to Rule a Husband, The (Thomas Morton)

School Play

The Schoolmistress (Pinero)

Schoorsteenveger Prins en De Prins Schoorsteenveger, De (Beaunoir) See Le Ramoneur Prince et Le Prince Ramoneur

Schout Papegaai (Anon.)

Schule mit Clowns

Scratch, The

Sea Anchor

Sea of Ice, The (d'Ennery and Dugué/Robertson) See La Priére des Naufragés

Seagull, The

Second Mrs Tanqueray, The

Secret, Le (Hoffman and Solié)

Secret, The (Morris)

Secret, Un (Fournier and Arnould)

Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13¾, The

Secret Lives of Henry and Alice, The

Secret Love Life of Ophelia, The (Shakespeare/Berkoff)

Secret of the Hole in the Wall, The (Anon.)

Secretary Bird, The


See How They Run (King)

Seeing Parry (Sefton Parry)

Seemeeu, Die (Chekhov) See The Seagull

Sentinel, The (J.M. Morton)

Separate Tables


Seppuku, The

Sergeant's Wife, The (Allingham)

Serjeant Musgrave's Dance

Servant of Two Masters, The

Service à Blanchard, Un (Lemoine-Moreau and Delacour)


Ses Personasies op soek na 'n Skrywer

Sesde Gebod, Die (Hamilton)

Seven Ages, The

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Seven Days' Leave

Seven Descents of Myrtle, The


Seven-Year Itch, The

Sextet (Pertwee)

Shadow Box, The

Shadow of Heroes

Shadow of the Glen, The

Shadowlands (Nicholson)


Shakespeare and his Dark Lady

Shakespeare Revue, The

Shakespeare's Macbeth

Shakespeare's R&J

Shall We Join the Ladies? (Barrie)

Sharp and Flat (Lawler).

Shaughraun, The (Boucicault)

She Stoops to Conquer (Goldsmith)

She Stoops to Conquer - Mistakes of an African Knight (Goldsmith/Ellenbogen) See She Stoops to Conquer

She's Done it Again

Shear Madness


Shepherd of Derwent Vale, The (Lunn and Horn)

Shepherd of Ettrick Vale, The (Anon.)

Sherlock Holmes (Gillette and Conan Doyle)

Shining Hour, The

Shipwreck, The (Brandes)

Shipwrecked Sailor, The (Anon.)

Shock Tactics

Shocking Events (Buckstone)

Shoemaker's Prodigious Wife, The

Shopping and F***king

Shopping and Fucking

Shot in the Dark, A

Show Boat

Show Isn’t Over Until..., The

Shrek the Musical (Lindsay-Abaire and Tesori)

Shrike, The


Shut Your Eyes and Think of England

Shylock, or The Merchant of Venice Preserved (Talfourd)

Side by Side

Siegfried van Hohenwart (Westerman)

Siegfried van Lindenberg (Bunsen) See Siegfried von Lindenberg

Siegfried von Lindenberg (Bunsen)

Sighs, or The Daughter (Von Kotzebue)

Sign of the Cross, The

Silent Woman, The

Silver Cord, The

Silver Curlew, The

Silver King, The

Silvester Daggerwood (Colman Jr)

Silwer Koning, Die

Silwere Rand, Die

Sincerely Yours

Singin' in the Rain

Single Spies

Sint Nicolaas Avond, of Het Bezoek door den Schoorsteen. De (H.Kup)

Sirène de Paris, La (Grangé and De Montépin)

Sister Act

Sister Angelica

Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You

Sisters' Tragedy, The

Sit Down a Minute, Adrian

Sit Sarel

Six Characters in Search of an Author

Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks

Six Degrees of Separation

6 Rms Riv Vu

Six Simpletons, The, or The Press Gang (Anon)

Six Wives of Calais, The


Skadelike Effek van Twak, Die (Chekhov/Luwes)

Skarlaken Vesel, Die

Skelmstreke ( Molière/Temmingh)

Skerpioen, Die

Skewe Sirkel, Die

Skewe Vensters

Skin of our Teeth, The

Skin Tight

Skoonma is 'n Vuurvreter!

Skrikkeljaar by Ugo Betti

Skuld en Boete


Sky is Overcast, The



Slab Boys, The


Slasher and Crasher! (Morton)

Slave, The, or The Revolt of Surinam (Th. Morton)

Slave Island

Slave Trade

Sleeping Around

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Clergyman, A

Sleeping Draught, The (Penley)

Sleeping Prince, The (Rattigan) See The Sleeping Prince: An Occasional Fairy Tale

Sleeping Prince, The: An Occasional Fairy Tale (Rattigan)

Sleepwalker, The, or Which is the Lady? (Oulton)

Slice of Saturday Night, A

Sly Fox

Smilin' Through

Smith (Maugham)

Smoked Miser, The, or The Benefit of Hanging (Jerrold)


The Smuggler's Daughter (Dibdin)

The Smurfs Live On Stage (Peyo)

Sneeze, The (Chekhov)


Snow Queen, The (Andersen)


De Snyder en Zyn Zoon (Futz)

So 'n Liefde

So What About Love?

Social Security

Society (Robertson)

Soeurs Gérard, Les (D'Ennery and Cormon)

Soldaat, Die

Soldat Magicien, Le (Amseaume)

Soldaten, Die (Arresto)

Soldier's Daughter, The (Cherry)

Soldiers Mordorés, Les, ou La Cordonnière Allemande (Marquis de Ferrières)

Someone at the Door

Someone Waiting

Somnambula, La

Somnambule, Le ou Orgia

Somnabulist, The

Son Premier Bal

Sondag kos 5 Pesos

Sonde met die Bure

Song at Twilight, A

Sorcerer, The

Sorrows of Satan, The (Corelli)

Sound of Music, The (Rodgers and Hammerstein)

South Pacific

South Sea Bubble

Spaanse Vlieg, Die

Spanier in Peru oder Rollas Tod, Die (Von Kotzebue)

Spanish Fly, The

Spare Bed, The, or The Shower Bath (Cooper)

Speaking of Murder

Special Occasions

Spectre Bridegroom, or A Ghost in spite of Himself, The (Moncrieff)

Speed the Plough (Morton, 1798)

Speed-the-Plow (Mamet, 1988)

Speelgoed van Glas

Speler, De, of Revenge-Praeg (Iffland) See Der Spieler

Spider's Web

Spiel im Schloss (Molnár)

Spieler, Der (Iffland)

Spitalfields Weaver, The (Bayly)

Spoiled Child, The (Bickerstaffe)


Spook, Het, of de Bekering van Dr Peperhoofd (Brink)

Sport of My Mad Mother, The

Spraaklooze, De (Von Kotzebue) See Der Stumme

Spreading the News

Spring at Marino

Spring Awakening

Spring on Wyn Hill

Spring Quartet

Spring 1600

Springtime of Others, The

Squeaker, The

St Cupid, or Dorothy's Fortune (Jerrold)

St Joan of the Stockyards

St Patrick's Day, or The Scheming Lieutenant (Sheridan)

Stage Directions

Stage Door

Stage Struck


Starlight Express, The

Stasiebevelvoerder, Die (Courteline and Lévy)

Steel Magnolias

Steeple-Chase, The, or In the Pigskin (Morton)

Stepping Out


Sticks and Bones

Still Life

Stoel met die Hoë Rug, Die

Stomp (McNicholas and Cresswell)

Stones in His Pockets

Stop the World – I Want to Get Off

Storb en Werner, of De Gevolgen van een Tweegevecht (Bonel and Boirie) See Storb et Verner, ou Les Suites d'un Duel

Storb et Verner, ou Les Suites d'un Duel (Bonel and Boirie)

Storm, The

Storm en Drang

Storm in a Teacup

Story of Margaret Harding, The

Story of the Western Wing, The

Stoute Daad, Een (Jaco)

Straat Loop Dood

Strandrecht, Das (Von Kotzebue)

Strandregt, Het (Von Kotzebue) See Das Strandrecht

Strange Case of Blondie White, The

Stranger, The (Von Kotzebue/Thompson & Sheridan) See Menschenhass und Reue

Stranger Within, The

Strangers on a Train

Street Scene

Streetcar Named Desire, A


Strong Are Lonely, The

Stronger, The

Struikroovers van Kalabrien, De, of De Onveilige Wildernis (Tréogate)

Student Prince, The

Stumme, Der (Von Kotzebue)

Substance of Fire, The

Sudden Thoughts (Wilks)

Suddenly at Home

Sufficient Carbohydrate

Suicide de Falaise, Le (Martainville)

Suite in Three Keys

Sulky Fire, The

Sullivan (Mélesville/Salvini) See David Garrick

Sultan, of Een Kykje in het Serail, De (Bickerstaffe)See The Sultan, or A Peep in the Seraglio

Sultan, or A Peep in the Seraglio, The (Bickerstaffe)

Sum of Us, The

Summer Holiday

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, The

Sun King, The

Sunday Walk, The

Sunny Morning, A


Suppliants, The (Aeschylus)

Survivors, The


Susan and God

Susanna and the Welsh Elders


Suster Beatrys

Swamp Dwellers, The

Swanesang (Chekhov/Luwes) See Lebedinaia pesnia

Swansong (Chekhov) See Lebedinaia pesnia

Swaweltjie is Dood, Die

Sweeney Agonistes

Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd Shock 'n' Roll Show, The

Sweet Bird of Youth

Sweet Charity

Sweet Eros

Sweet Phoebe

Sweethearts and Wives (Kenney)

Swiss Cottage, The, or Why Don't She Marry? (Bayly)

Symphony in Illusion

Syren of Paris, The (Grangé and De Montépin/Suter) See La Sirène de Paris

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