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There are several theatrical works titled Storm, The Storm or Die Storm, that have been performed in South Africa.

The Storm by Plautus

The Storm is one of the English titles used for Rudens ("The Rope") by Plautus

The text

Normally translated into English as The Rope and Der Schiffbruch (The Shipwreck) in German. A new translation by Peter Oswald, however, was entitled The Storm, and was produced at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London as part of the "World and Underworld" Season in 2005.

Performances of Rudens in South Africa

See Rudens


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Die Storm by William Shakespeare/Tjaart Potgieter (1982)

Tjaart Potgieter translated and produced Shakespeare's The Tempest in Afrikaans as Die Storm in 1988.

A radically new Afrikaans adaptation of the Tjaart Potgieter translation was written by Zandra Bezuidenhout and performed as Die Storm in 2007.

For details of these texts, see the entry on The Tempest

The Storm (or The Thunderstorm) by Ostrovsky

A play by Russian playwright Aleksandr Nicolaevich Ostrovsky (1823-1886) [1].

The original text

First written in Russian as Гроза (Groza in the Roman alphabet) and published in 1860. It tells the tragic story of the unhappily married woman Ekaterina and her ill-fated relationship with a lover named Boris. Tormented by her conscience, Ekaterina finally confesses her love to her family and commits suicide.

Translations and adaptations

Translated into English as The Storm by Constance Garnett and published in 1898.

Sometimes also translated as The Thunderstorm.

Adaptation in Afrikaans by Braam Cilliers as Die Storm.

Performance history in South Africa

1978: The Afrikaans adaptation performed by the University of Pretoria Drama Department, directed by Braam Cilliers, with Lochner de Kock, Ben Kruger, Pieter Brand, Eben Cruywagen, Alida Theron, Schalk Schoombie, Selma van der Vyver, Alwina van Wyk, André Retief, Marlise Erwee, Karin Cronje, Suzette de Waal and others.


The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Storm by Aleksandr Nicolaevich Ostrovsky (Garnett translation) Release Date: April, 2005 (EBook #7991)[2]

University of Pretoria Drama Department theatre programme, 1978.

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Storm by Paul Roubaix (1920-2005)

Also found as Die Storm or The Storm.

The original text

An original Afrikaans one-act play about a family trapped in a flood, it won the first prize in the FATSSA Playwriting competition in 1946(?) and was first published (with three other plays by Roubaix) in Storm en Ander Eenbedrywe ("Storm and Other One-act Plays") by the Afrikaanse Pers-Boekhandel (1951). Thereafter included in Die Storm en Ander Eenbedrywe ("The Storm and Other One-act Plays"), compiled by P.G. Nel (Perskor, 1972), Uitgesoekte Eenbedrywe (Selected One-act Plays") compiled by Gerhard Beukes (J.L. van Schaik, ) and Wolraad Woltemade, en Ander Eenbedrywe ().

Translations and adaptations

Translated into English as The Storm by Roubaix and published in a collection called A Time for Compassion. Biko’s World in Six Plays in 1978 (Toronto, Culturama Incorporated), with an introduction by Frank Birbalsingh.

Performance history in South Africa


Paul Roubaix. 1951. Storm en Ander Eenbedrywe . Cape Town: Afrikaanse Pers-Boekhandel.

Copy of a catalogue (handwritten by various hands) of the F.C.L. Bosman collection held at the Nasionale Afrikaanse Letterkunde Museum en Navorsingsentrum (NALN) in Bloemfontein.

List of Afrikaans dramas published between 1960 and 1977, compiled by NALN.

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