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Seppuku is a play based on the Kabuki classic, Kanadehon Chusinguru (1748), adapted for Western audiences by Robert Mohr. One-act. Cast: mixed.

Performance history in South Africa

1967: Presented by the University of Cape Town's Speech and Drama Department in June at the Little Theatre, directed by Robert Mohr.

1968: UCT's Seppuku presented by University Theatre Stellenbosch at the H.B. Thom Theatre in April 1968. Directed by Mohr, starring Peter Kruger, Peter Grobbelaar, Ian Peters, Limpie Basson, Ralph Lawson, Arnold Blumer, Peter Uys.

1968: Peter Grobbelaar and Ian Peters in Seppuku in 1968, produced by Robert Mohr for CAPAB in the Little Theatre. (Source: Photograph - NELM Manuscripts - [Collection: FLETCHER, Jill]: 2005. 75. 19. 50).

It had a short tour of the Eastern Province.


Inskip, 1972.

Kanadehon Chusinguru in Wikipedia [1].

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