Seven Days' Leave

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Seven Days' Leave (1917) is a melodrama by Walter Howard (1866-1922)[1].

Not to be confused with two American films bearing the same title.

The original play

An immensely popular play about World War 1, it opened on February 14, 1917 at the Lyceum Theatre, London, playing for 711 performances, and was then taken on a tour to cities throughout Great Britain for four years. Performed in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia in 1917, and the USA in 1918, opening at the Park Theatre on Broadway in January, before touring to several major American cities.

The play text does not seem to have been published.

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

1919: First staged at His Majesty's Theatre in Johannesburg on 9 February 1919, by George R. Montford, with a cast that consisted of Madge Fabian (Constance Morel), Frank Cellier (Captain Terence Fielding), Edward Donnelly (Col. Sharrow), Naomi Rutherford (Lady Mary Heather), J.B. Rowe (Stephen Darrell), George R. Montford (Rev. John Middleton), Richard Scott (Paul Lamonde), Florence Roberts (Susan Keys), Eileen Morris (Kitty Middleton), Jack Pendleton (Cornelius Keys), Gordon Pike (Lord Arthur Pendennis), Yvon Saxby (Percy Skindles), Edward Sylvany (Footman).


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S.A. Pictorial, 22 February 1922

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