A Sunny Morning

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A Sunny Morning, (Mañana de sol in the original Spanish) by Serafin Quintero (1871-1938) and Joaquin Quintero (1873-1944), known as Los hermanos Quinteros (the Quintero brothers). The play A Sunny Morning is a comedy of Madrid in one act. On a sunny autumn morning in a quiet corner of a park in Madrid, Dona Laura, a handsome, white-haired lady of about seventy, refined in appearance, is feeding pigeons in the park. Don Gonzalo, a gentleman of seventy, gouty and impatient enters. Translated from the Spanish by Lucretia Xavier Floyd.

Performance history in South Africa

Performed in the Baxter Studio in 1982 (a Market Theatre Company Production), directed by Richard Haines, starring Beverley Melnick, Charlotte Ewins, Robert Whitehead and David Eppel.

Translations and adaptations

Translated from the English into Afrikaans as 'n Sonnige Dag by Marguerite I. Murray and directed by her for K.A.T. in 1940 and again in April 1951. Typewritten translated text available at the Stellenbosch University Library, Manuscripts Section. Reference 31/16/17 and 31/27/21.



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