Schule mit Clowns

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Schule mit Clowns ("School with Clowns") is a play for young audiences by F.K. (Friedrich Karl) Waechter (1937-2005) [1], renowned German cartoonist, author, and playwright.

The original text

Based on a children's book by F.K. Waechter, Schule mit Clowns, Der Teufel mit den drei goldenen Haaren, Pustekuchen (1975/76 Ellermann Verlag).

Translations and adaptations

Translated for CAPAB into Afrikaans by Nerina Ferreira as Skool met Hansworse.

Translated for PACOFS into Afrikaans by (***) as Skool vir Hansworse.

Performance history in South Africa

1980: Nerina Ferreira's Afrikaans translation Skool met Hansworse was staged in the Nico Malan Theatre, directed by Johan Esterhuizen, with Marthinus Basson (Meester), Michele Burgers (Brilmaker), Eben Cruywagen (Sappie), Blaise Koch (Myshond), Bobby Smith (Tosselkwas) and Selma van der Vyver (Karbonkel). Decor and costumes by Dicky Longhurst.

1981: An Afrikaans translation Skool vir Hansworse was staged by PACOFS, directed by Henry Mylne, with Kim Thorburne (Kym Thorburn?), Heloïse Krynauw, Libby Daniels and Frans Kalp.


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CAPAB theatre programme (undated).

PACOFS Drama 25 Years, 1963-1988

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