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Market Theatre Café (also known as the Market Café) was a minute, eccentric and airless entertainment venue within the Market Theatre, which existed from 1 August 1976 to 17 July 1978. It epitomised much of what the Market Theatre was striving to be. Initially run by Dave Marks and Fran Marks, it officially opened on the first of August 1976 with Alan Kwela. Later Marks added a small recording studio to the venue under the label of Third Ear Music. Due to financial problems the Market Café was shut down on 17 July 1978. See further The Market Theatre.

It re-opened as

Significant performances there include Pieter-Dirk Uys’s Adapt or Dye (1981) and Hennie Aucamp’s Afrikaans cabaret Met Permissie Gesê (1981). *

It closed in 198*, ** replaced by *** and later in the 1990s?* became Gramadoelas, an unpmarket restaurant run by Eduan Naude.


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