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Venues, Companies, Societies, Institutions, Projects, etc

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Bibliographic Conventions

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Some specific notes on venues, etc.:

For consistency, abbreviations forming part of the name of a venue (e.g. St for Saint in St John's Theatre ) are spelled WITHOUT a period/full top, as is normal South African usage, even though some sources and institutions appear to have preferred the final period/stop in their titles.

Regarding names of theatrical companies: An important facet pre-20th-century theatre in South Africa (as elsewhere in the world) has been the use of a motto as part of the title for or the name of a theatrical company. In the literature one often finds such a company is referred to by its motto rather than by its actual title since descriptions (and names) of companies tended to be somewhat flexible and to vary considerably, the only reliable or constant element being the motto. Many companies from the period are thus only identified by and discussed under the particular company's motto in this encyclopaedia.

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