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Môre is 'n Lang Dag (“Tomorrow is a Long Day”) is a play by Deon Opperman (1962-).

The title also found written as Môre is 'n lang dag, according to the Afrikaans convention for titles.

The original text

Acclaimed bilingual (Afrikaans and English) play about young men conscripted into the army and serving on the South West African, (now known as Namibian) border to fight the "terrorist" onslaught during the late 1970s. The play explores their attitudes to war, discipline, and each other and “the other”. Published in Môre is 'n Lang Dag en Die Teken by Tafelberg, 1986.

Translations and adaptations

Adapted for television by Sommatel, with a script written by Deon Opperman (based on his play), and directed by [[Koos Roets], with Arnold Vosloo, Albert Maritz and Frans Kalp. Music by Barry Bekker and Colin Shapiro and sound Nico Louw. Broadcast 1990.

Performance history in South Africa

1984: First performed with students from Rhodes University Drama Department in the Die Masker at the second ATKV Kampustoneel ("Campus Theatre") Festival in Pretoria in April 1984. Directed by Deon Opperman, with Deon Opperman ("Lappies"), Jeremy Mansfield ("Van"), Bruce Fields ("Kosie"), Guy de Lancey ("Neil") and Andrew Wilson ("Christo").

1985: The first professional production of the play was presented Upstairs at the Market by The Company in January. Directed by Deon Opperman with Guy de Lancey, Bruce Fields, Jeremy Mansfield, Deon Opperman and Andrew Wilson. Design by Deon Opperman, lighting by Guy de Lancey, production management by Wesley France and Karen Cutts, and stage management by Patrick Curtis. (It was followed in the same venue by a late-night production of Christo Leach's play Die Spinner)

1986: Produced by PACOFS, directed by Deon Opperman, with George Mazarakis (Kosie), Greg Latter (Neil), Hannes Muller (Christo), André Lombard (Van), Arnold Vosloo (Lappies). Decor and costume design by Deon Opperman, lighting by Martin Pelser. This production toured widely in the Free State and Natal including seasons at the Loft Theatre, the Natal Playhouse, Durban (from 29 April), and a final performance at the Momentum Theatre, Pretoria, from 20 May to 7 June.

2008-9: Revived and performed at various festivals, including Innibos (2008), KKNK (2009) and Aardklop (2009). Produced and directed by Albert Maritz, with Robbie Wessels, Sean Else, Tauriq Jenkins, William Michaels, Jan-Hendrik Opperman. Stage manager Gaerin Hauptfleisch.


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