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The list

M. Butterfly (Hwang)

Ma Femme et Mon Parapluie (Laurencin)

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (Wilson)

Ma Tante Aurora, ou Le Roman Impromptu (Longchamps and Boieldieu)

MacBeki - A Farce to the Reckoned With (Shakespeare/Uys)

Macbeth (Shakespeare)

Macbeth, A (Shakespeare/Marowitz)

Macbeth, slapeloos (Shakespeare/Basson and cast)

Macready! (Barrie)

MacRune's Guevara (Spurling)

Mad as a Hatter (Marshall)

Madame Butterfly (Belasco)

Madame de Sade (Mishima)

Mädchen in Uniform (Winsloe) See Gestern und Heute


Madly in Love

Madness of George III, The (Bennett)

Madwoman of Chaillot, The

Mag ek Saamspeel?

Magda (Südermann) See Heimat

Magpie, The, or The Maid? (Pocock)

Magic Afternoon

Magic Zone, The An interlude.

Magistrate, The


Mahatma vs Ghandi

Maid and the Magpie, or Who's the Thief!!!, The (Pocock) See The Magpie , or The Maid?

Maid of Croissey, The, or Theresa's Vow (Gore)

Maids, The

Maid of the Mountains, The

Maid Turned Mistress, The

Maid with the Milking Pail, The (Buckstone)

Mains Sales, Les

Maintenance Man, The

Maison à Vendre (Pineux-Duval)

Maison en Loterie, La (Radet and Picard)

Majority of One, A

Mak, the Sheep-Stealer

Make Your Wills! (Mayhew and Smith)

Makhaulambilu a Julius Caesar

Makin, of De Ontdekking van Madera (Barbaz)

Mal Hans

Malade imaginaire, Le

Male Animal, The

Male Intellect, The

Male Intellect: An Oxymoron?, The


Mamma Medea

Mammon and Gammon (Talfourd)

Manke Koos (Arnold).

Man About the House, A

Man and His Wife, A

Man and Superman

Man and the Masses

Man for all Seasons, A

Man Hanging, A

Man in Drie Gedaanten, of De Balling (Zschokke/Pixérécourt) See Abällino der Grosse Bandit

Man in Half Moon Street, The

Man in the Bowler Hat, The

Man Most Likely To, The

Man Naar de Klok, De (Von Hippel/Maas)

Man of Destiny, The

Man of La Mancha

Man to Man

Man van Beginsel, 'n

Man van Veertig Jaren, De (Fagan/Kotzebue) See Der Mann von Vierzig Jahren

Mann von Vierzig Jahren, Der (Fagan/Kotzebue)

Man (by Mel Dinelli), The

Man Who, The

Man Who Came to Dinner, The

Man Who Married a Dumb Wife, The

Man With a Load of Mischief

Man With Red Hair, A

Man Who Ate the Popomack, The

Man's House, A

Mandragola, La

Manke Koos (Arnold)

Mann nach der Uhr, Der; oder der ordentliche Mann (Von Hippel)


Marat/Sade (Weiss)

Marcel (Sandeau and Decourcelle)

March of the Falsettos

Marching Song

Marcus Brutus

Margin for Error

Mari Ermite, Le (Von Kotzebue/Boursault-Malherbe)

Mari qui se Dérange, Un (Cormon and Grangé)

Maria de Buenos Aires

Maria Magdalena (Hebbel)

Maria Stuart (Schiller)

Mariage de Biribi, Le (Barago/Boniface)

Mariage de Figaro, Le (Beaumarchais) (Beaumarchais/Mozart) See La Folle Journée, ou Le Mariage de Figaro

Mariage de Jocrisse, Le (Guillemain)

Mariage du Capucin, Le (Pelletier-Volméranges)

Mariage Forcé, Le (Molière)

Mariana Pineda

Marie Simon (Alboize, Saint Yves and Choler)

Marie zápasí s anděly

Marietjie van Nijmegen See Mariken van Nieumeghen

Mariken van Nieumeghen

Mark Twain

Marksman, The (Von Weber) See Der Freischütz


Marowitz Hamlet, The (Shakespeare/Marowitz)

Marquis and the Cobbler, The (d'Ennery/Dance)

Marriage à la Mode (Dryden)

Marriage de Convenance, Un

Marriage-Go-Round, The

Marriage Has Been Arranged, A

Marriage of Figaro, The (Beaumarchais/Mozart) See La Folle Journée, ou Le Mariage de Figaro

Marriage of Mr Mississippi, The

Married Bachelor, The, or Master and Man (O'Callaghan)

Married Life (Buckstone)

Married Rake, The (Selby)

Marrying Sort, The

Martha (Flotow/ Riese)

Martian Chronicles, The

Marx in Soho

Mary, Mary

Mary Mary

Mary Stuart

Mask and the Face, The


Masaniello, or The Dumb Girl of Portici (Cooke et al/Milner)

Masaniello, or The Fish-o'-Man of Naples (Brough)

Masaniello, the Fisherman of Naples (Milner/Soane)

Mascotte, La (Audran)

Mass Appeal (Davis)


Master Builder, The

Master Class

Master Class (McNally)

Master Class (Pownall)

Master Dudley

Master Wayfarer

Match Girls, The

Matchmaker, The

Matteo Falcone (Merimee, tr. Wilson)

Matteo Falcone; or The Brigand and Son (Merimee, tr. Oxberry)

Mauvaise Tête et Bon Coeur (Favières)

Maybe Baby, It's You

Mayor Encanto, Amor, El (Calderon)

Mayor of Garratt, The (Foote)


Me Nobody Knows, The

Me and My Girl

Measure for Measure


Médecin Malgré Lui, Le (Molière)

Meester Vink, of De Vermiste Diamant (Desaugiers and Gentil, tr Van Ray) See Pierrot, ou Le Diamant Perdu

Meet Mrs Beeton

Meeting, The

Meg's Diversion (Craven)

Meisje boven de Tien, Het (Garrick) See Miss in her Teens, or, The Medley of Lovers


Men Doet Wat Men Kan, Niet Wat Men Wil (Dorvigny) See On Fait ce qu’on Peut et non pas ce qu’on Veut

Men in White

Menaechmi (Plautus)

Mendicant, The (À Beckett)

Meneer Puntila en sy Kneg Matti

Meneer Sleeman Kom (Hjalmar Bergman)

Menopause - The Musical

Menschenhaat en Berouw (Von Kotzenbue) See Menschenhass und Reue

Menschenhass und Reue (Von Kotzebue)

Menteur, Le (Corneille)

Merchant of Venice, The (Shakespeare)

Merchant of Yonkers, The

Merely Players

Merrie England

Merry Andrew (Beach)

Merry Widow, The

Merry Wives of Windsor, The (Shakespeare)


Meunière De Gentilly, La (Lemonnier)

Michael Erle, the Maniac Lover, or The Fayre Lass of Lichfield (Wilks)

Michel et Christine (Scribe and Dupin)

Michelangelo's Models

Midday Ashore, The See The Middy Ashore

Middle Age Spread

Middle Temple (Peake)

Middle Watch, The

Middy Ashore, The (Bernard)

Midnight Hour, The (Dumaniant/Inchbald)

Midsummer Night's Dream, A (Shakespeare)

Mighty Gents, The

Mikado, The

Milestones (Arnold and Knoblock)

Militaire Stand, De (Arresto) See Die Soldaten

Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore. The (Tennessee Williams)

Milky White (Craven)

Miller and his Men, The (Pocock)

Miller's Maid, The (Saville)

Minna von Barnhelm

Minnaar onder die Wapen (Shaw)

Minnaar op den Proef, De, of Het Zonderlinge Tweegevecht (Anon./De Boer)

Miracle at Verdun (Schlumberg)

Miracle Conway (Aron)

Miracle Worker, The (Gibson)




Misanthrope, Le (Molière)

Miscarriage of Murder

Mischievous Nigger, The (White)

Misdaad en Wroeging (Meys)

Misdade van die Vaders

Miser, The See L'Avare (Molière)

Miser, or Happiness found in Gold, The (a "Comic Pantomime in 1 act")

Miseries of Human Life, The (Beresford/Webster)


Miskend (Meys)

Miß Fanny, oder Der Schiffbruch (Brandes)

Miss in her Teens, or, The Medley of Lovers (Garrick)

Miss Julie (Strindberg)

Miss Margarida's Way

Mistake, The (Vanbrugh)

Mistakes of a Night (Goldsmith) See She Stoops to Conquer

Mistero Buffo (Dario Fo)

Mistress of the Inn, The

Misverstand, Een (Taylor)

Misverstand, Het, of Elk is Een Dief in Zijne Nering (Harding)

Mock Doctor, The (Molière/Fielding)

The Mock Statue, or The Old Man Deceived (Anon)

Modern Antiques, or The Merry Mourners (O'Keeffe)

Moeder, 'n

Moeder Courage

Moeder des Huisgezins, De, of Is er Geen Orde voor Edele Huisvrouwen? (Kotzebue) See Die Deutsche Hausfrau

Moeder Ierland


De Moetwillige Jongen (Ogier)

Mogul Tale, or The Descent of the Balloon, The (Inchbald)

Mogwebi wa Venisi

Mohwebi wa Venisi

Moj of the Antarctic


Molen bij Auerstad, De (Ernst)

Mollusc Mania

Molly Sweeney

Molora (Aeschylus/Farber) See The Oresteia

Momma Golda

Monaco, La

Monday After the Miracle

Monet, Directeur de l'Opéra-Comique (Barré, Radet and Desfontaines)

Monkey Walk, The

Monna Vanna

Monsieur Beaucaire

Monsieur Jacques (Barnett)

Monsieur Tonson (Moncrieffe)

Monsieur Tonson, of De Geplaagde Barbier See Monsieur Tonson (Moncrieffe)

Monster of the Eddystone, The, or The Lighthouse Keepers (Pitt) See The Eddystone Elf

Montfordts, De (Bergh)

Month in the Country, A

Montoni, of Het Kasteel van Udolpho (Duval/Bruggemans) See Montoni, ou Le Chateau d'Udolphe

Montoni, ou Le Chateau d'Udolphe (Duval)

Montserrat (Roblès)

Moon Birds

Moon for the Misbegotten

Moon is Blue, The

Moon is Down, The

Moord Romance

Moord van Dingaan aan Pieter Retief, De (Teengs)

Moordenaar, Die



Morekisi wa Venisi

Morning's at Seven

Morning Star, The

Mornings at Seven

Mortgage, The

Most Happy Fella, The

Mother Courage (Brecht)

Mother Shipton (W.F.H. Parker)

Mothers and Fathers



Mountaineers, The (Colman Jr)

Mourning Becomes Electra

Mousetrap, The

Move Over Mrs. Markham


Mr. & Mrs. Peter White (Raymond)

Mr. and Mrs. White (Raymond) See Mr. & Mrs. Peter White

Mr Bolfry

Mr F.

Mr Pim Passes By

Mr Preedy and the Countess (Carton)

Mr Roper (Aron)

Mr Thompson, or Which is He? (Moncrieff)

Mrs Green's Snug Little Business (Cheltnam)

Mrs Klein

Mrs Warren's Profession (Shaw)

Much Ado about Nothing

Mühle bei Auerstädt, oder Die Unverhoffte Erbschaft, Die (Ernst)

Murder Among Friends

Murder at the Vicarage

Murder by Proxy

Murder has been Arranged, A

Murder in Green Meadows

Murder in the Cathedral

Murder is Announced, A

Murder Mistaken

Murder on the Nile


Music at Night

Music Lesson, The (Anon.)

Musica, La (Duras)

Der Muthwillige, oder Der Wirrwarr (Von Kotzebue)


My Arme Marat

My Astonishing Self

My Brilliant Divorce (Aron)

My Cup Ranneth Over

My Daughter, Sir!, or A Daughter to Marry (Planché)

My Dress Boots (Williams)

My Fair Lady

My Family came over with the Normans

My Fat Friend (Laurence)

My First Fit of the Gout (Morton)

My Husband’s wild desires almost drove me mad

My Name is Rachel Corrie

My New Wife and my Old Umbrella (Laurencin/Peake)

My Poor Marat

My Seuns

My Sister Eileen

My Sister in this House

My Son's a Daughter (Parselle)

My Sweetheart (Maeder and Gill)

My Three Angels

My Uncle's Will (Theyre-Smith)

My Vrou se Man se Lyk se Tas

My Wife's Second Floor (Morton)

My Young Wife and My Old Umbrella (Laurencin/Webster)

My Zinc Bed

Mysteries of Udolpho, The (Radcliffe)

Mysteries of Udolpho, The, or The Phantom of the Castle (Radcliffe/Bayliss)

Mystery, The (Vulpius/Wilson) See Das Geheimnis

Mystery of Irma Vep, The

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