The Monkey Walk

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The Monkey Walk (1977) is a play by American playwright John Murray [1] (1906-1984).

Performance history in South Africa

1077: Staged at the Barnato Theatre, starring Barbara Kinghorn and British actor Richard Warwick.

1978: Directed by Joan Kemp-Welch (Barnato Theatre; The Studio Baxter Theatre) for Toerien-Firth Company in 1978, starring Barbara Kinghorn and Richard Warwick. The production was also staged at the Piet van der Walt Theatre in July. Another British actor, Paul Jerrico [2], replacing Warwick.

1986: In 1986 the play was produced and directed by Colin Law, starring Errol Hart, Lynda Powell, Kenneth Hendel, in the Baxter Studio.

1994: Directed by Rex Garner for Pieter Toerien Productions, starring Stephen Jennings and Susan Danford at the Richard Haines Theatre and Theatre on the Bay, 1994.

Translations and adaptations


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