Mrs Warren's Profession

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Mrs Warren's Profession is a play written in 1893 by Irish playwright, music and theatre critic George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)[1].

The original text

A controversial play about relationship between Mrs Kitty Warren, a former prostitute and current brothel owner, and her daughter, Vivie. Written in 1893 and first performed in London in 1902.

Translations and adaptations

Translated into Dutch as Mevrouw Warren's Bedrijf by Josine A. Simons-Mees and published by Het Maatschappij voor goede en goedkoope lectuur, Amsterdam, 1908.

According to the Cape Argus of 22 January, 1932 (cited in Ludwig Binge (1969: p. 180), a play called Die Verliefde Indringer ("The amorous intruder") , performed by Paul de Groot, that year, was a translation of Shaw's play. However this seems highly unlikely, given the theme of the Shaw play. (Other attributions are to Dario Niccodemi and Paul Géraldy.)

See Die Verliefde Indringer

Performance history in South Africa

1943: Produced at Cape Town's Little Theatre in 1943 by Rosalie van der Gucht for the Little Theatre Players, starring Minna Millsten, Mary Dean, Basil Warner, Jack Stubbs, Frank Spears, Clifford Wootton. Sets by Cecil Pym.

1973: Produced by Libertas Theatre Club in November 1973 at the H.B. Thom Theatre produced by Billy Trengove starring Janet Schörn, David Kennedy, Louise Brower, Philip Erskine, Lewis Silberbauer, Peter Viljoen.


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