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The list


't Zal laat Worden (Meyer).

Tableau Parlant, Le (Anseaume)

Tailleur Pour Dames(Feydeau)

Taking Sides

Taking Things Quietly

Tale of Mystery, A (Holcroft) See Coelina, ou l'Enfant du Mystère (de Pixérécourt)

Tale of the Allergist's Wife, The (Busch)

Tale of Two Cities, A (Dickens/*)

Talented Mr Ripley, The

Talk Radio

Talking Fish (Coyne)

Tall Horse

Talley's Folly

Tambour Nocturne, Le (Destouches) See Le Tambour Nocturne, ou Le Mari Devin

Tambour Nocturne, Le, ou Le Mari Devin (Destouches)

Taming of the Shrew, The (Shakespeare)


Tante Trui, Een Liefdesgeschiedenis (Anon.)

Tarantara! Tarantara!

Tarradiddle Travels

Tars of Old England, The (Anon)

Tartuffe (Molière)

Tartuffe, ou l'Imposteur, Le (Molière) See Tartuffe

Tasse de Thé, Une (Nuitter and Derley)

Taste (Foote)

Taste of Honey, A

Tea and Sympathy

Teach Me How to Cry

Teahouse of the August Moon

Teasle (Foote) See Taste (Foote)

Tekeli, or The Siege of Montgatz (Pixérécourt/Hook) See Tékéli, ou, Le siége de Montgatz

Tékéli, ou Le siége de Montgatz (Pixérécourt)

Temming van 'n Rissie, Die (Shakespeare/Van Elders) See The Taming of the Shrew

Temperamenten, De (Von Kotzebue) See Die Schlaue Wittwe, Oder, Die Temperamente

Temptation, or The Fatal Brand (Townsend)

Telephone, The

Tempest, The

Ten Little Indians

Ten Minute Alibi

Tenth Man, The

Terra Nova

Terrible Tinker, A (Williams)

Terroriste, Die

Terrorists, The

Testament de Madame Patural, Le (Souvestre)

Testament, Het (Van der Velde) See L'Héritière

Testament, Het, of De Geheimen van Udolpho (Radclffe)

Testament, Le (De Fontenelle / Radet)

Testament van de Wed. Poot, Het (Souvestre) See Testament de Madame Patural, Le.

Tevye and His Daughters

Thal von Almeria, Das (Von Kotzebue)


That Skelm Scapino ( Molière/Miller)

That's No Lady That's My Husband

Theatre Royal (Ferber and Kaufman)

There Goes the Bride (Cooney and Chapman)

There's a Girl in My Soup

Thérèse Raquin

They Came to a City

They Walk Alone

They're Playing Our Song

Thieves' Carnival

Thimble Rig, The (Buckstone)

Things You Shouldn't Say Past Midnight

Third Degree, The (Klein)

Third Person

Thirteen Clocks

This Old Man Came Rolling Home

Those Plagues of Children (Morton)

Thousand Clowns, A

Thread o' Scarlet

Three and the Deuce! (Hoare)

Three Clerks, The (Oxberry)

Three Courteline Comedies

Three Hotels

Three Men on a Horse

Three Months Gone

Three Plays in Light and Shadow

Three Sisters (Chekhov)

Three Weeks after Marriage (Murphy)

Three Wise Fools

Three Witches, or Harlequin Reanimated (Cuerton)

Three Women

Three Young Ladies in a Temper

Threepenny Opera, The

Three's Company

Thumping Legacy, A (Morton)

Thumping Legacy, The (Morton) See Thumping Legacy, A

Thunder Rock

Thunderstorm, The (Ostrovsky) See The Storm

Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew, The


Ticket-of-Leave, A (Phillips)

Ticket-of-Leave Man, The (Brisebarre and Nus/Taylor) See Le Retour de Melun

Tidings Brought to Mary, The

Tiekie die Harlekyn

Tiger, The

Tiger at the Gates

Tinder Box, The

Tinker's Curse

Tinkle Tinkle

'Tis a Pity She's a Whore

'Tis Pity She's a Whore

Titus Andronicus

To Dorothy, a Son

To Oblige Benson (Taylor) See Service à Blanchard (Lemoine-Moreau and Delacour)

To What Red Hell

Toad of Toad Hall

Tobacco, and the Harmful Effects Thereof (Chekhov/Harding) See On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco

Tobacco Road

Tobias and the Angel

Tochter Pharaonis, De (Von Kotzebue)

Toegemetselde Venster, Het (Von Kotzebue)

Toinon et Toinette (Desboulmiers and Gossec)

Tom and Viv

Tom Foolery

Tom Jones (Fielding)

Tom Paine

Tom Thumb (Fielding)

Tombeau sous l'Arc de Triomphe, Le

Tommy Atkins (Landeck and Shirley)

Tonight at Eight Thirty

Tonight Neither Hamlet

Tonnelier, Le (Audinot and Quétant)

Tooth of Crime

Torch Song Trilogy


Tot Middernacht, of List tegen List (Dumaniant)

Total Eclipse

Tou, Die

Touch of Spring, A

Touch of the Poet, A

Toveres Sidonia, De (Zschokke). See Die Zauberin Sidonia

Towards Zero

Tragedy of Chrononhotonthologos, The (Carey)

Tragedy of Jane Shore, The (Rowe)

Tragedy of Nan, The

Tragedy of Richard III, The See Richard III

Tragedy of Richard the Third, The See Richard III

Tragedy of Tragedies, The, or The Life and Death of Tom Thumb the Great (Fielding)

Transistor Radio, The


Trap for a Lonely Man

Träumen, was sonst...? (Dekker and Behrmann)

Trauring, Der (Lembert)

Traveller's Joy

Travelling Light

Travels with my Aunt


Tre Gemelli Veneziani, I (Collalto)

Treasure Island

Treatment, The


Tree That Sat Down, The

Trelawny of the 'Wells'

Trem se Naam: Begeerte, Die

Trente Ans, ou La Vie d'un Joueur (Ducange and Dinaux)

Trial, The

Trial by Jury (Gilbert and Sullivan)

Trial by Jury of Dr Abstinence (Anon.)

Le Tribunal Redoutable, ou La suite de Robert, Chef de Brigands (Lamartelière)


Tribute to Noel Coward, A

Trick for Trick, or The Admiral's Daughter (Anon.)

Trilby (Potter/Du Maurier)

Trinity of Two, A

Trip to Scarborough, A


Troilus and Cressida

Trois Africaines, Les (Anon.)

Trois Jumeaux Vénitiens, Les (Collalto)

Trojan Women, The

Les Troubadours (Floquet) See L'Union de l'Amour et Des Arts

Trouerige Soort, Die

Trouwring, De (Lembert) See Der Trauring

True West

Trumpets and Raspberries

Trunkenbold, Der (Von Kotzebue)

Truth in Translation

Tueur Sans Gages

Turn Him Out

Turnpike Gate, The (Knight)

Twee Broeders, De, Episode Uit Het Jaar 1600 (Brunings)

Twee Emmers Water (Anon)

Twee Grenadiers, De, of Het Misverstand (Patrat)

Twee Jagers en het Melkmeisje, De (Anseaume)

Twee Kraayen, De (Anon.)

Twee Laksmanne, Die (Arrabal) See Les Deux Bourreaux

Twee Levenskringen

Twee Oude Gekken in de Klem, of Het Neefje van de Heer Pompoen (T. van der Stempel)

Twee Rand (‘n) Trek

Twee Savoyanen, De (Anon.)

Twee Verstrooide Invaliden (Kotzebue/Capadose) See Die Zerstreuten

Twee Verstrooide Militairen, De (Kotzebue/Royaards) See Die Zerstreuten

Twee Vrijmetselaars, De (Pelletier-Volmeranges)

Twelfth Night

Twelve Angry Men

Twelve-Pound Look, The

Twice Killed (Oxenford)


Twilight of the Golds, The

Twisted Love

Two and Two Make Sex

Two Bonnycastles, The (J.M. Morton)

Two Can Play

Two Executioners, The (Arrabal) See Les Deux Bourreaux

Two for the Seesaw (William Gibson)

Two Galley Slaves (Payne)

Two Galley Slaves, The (Payne)

Two Gentlemen of Verona, The

Two Gregories, The, or "Where Did the Money Come From?" (Dibdin)

Two Heads are Better than One (Horne)

Two Into One

Two Mrs. Carrolls, The

Two of Us, The

Two Orphans, The (D'Ennery and Cormon)

Two Pianos Four Hands

Two Poets, The (Courtney) See The Two Polts

Two Polts, The (Courtney)

Two Strings to your Bow (Jephson)

Two Weeks with the Queen

Typewriter, The

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