The Tenth Man

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The Tenth Man (1959) a play in three acts by Paddy Chayefsky [1] (1923-1981). First performed at the Booth Theatre in New York, it had 623 performances. About to banish demons from Evelyn Foreman, the granddaughter of one of their members, the old men who belong to a shabby orthodox synagogue find they have only nine worshipers in attendance. Jewish religious law requires a minyan, or quorum of ten. So they convince a clean‐cut young man who happens to be passing by to join them. He is Arthur Brooks who turns out to be possibly even more troubled than Evelyn. The exorcism expels his devils, but not the girl's. Arthur, however, has fallen in love with Evelyn and believes his love will cure her.

Performance history in South Africa

1961: First produced in South Africa by Leonard Schach with the Cockpit Players at the Hofmeyr Theatre (opening 10 April) and the Playhouse, Johannesburg (8 May) in 1961 with Siegfried Mynhardt, Michael McGovern, Michael Fisher, Maurice Horwitz, Nathan Jacobsohn, Estelle Kohler (Evelyn), Johann Nell (Foreman), Michael Perry (Zitorsky), Barney Sher and Nigel Hawthorne (The Rabbi). Decor by Pamela Lewis.

Translations and adaptations


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The Tenth Man theatre programme (Cockpit Players, 1961).

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