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Tom and Viv, by Michael Hastings (born 1938) tells of the relationship between poet TS Eliot and his first wife Vivienne Haigh-Wood.

Michael Hastings’s brilliantly researched controversial fictional account Tom and Viv was first performed at the Royal Court in 1984 and 10 years later was made into a film starring Willem Dafoe and Miranda Richardson. Published by Penguin, 1985.

Performance history in South Africa

In South Africa a Baxter Theatre production was directed by Ken Leach opening 12 February 1986, starring Neil McCarthy (Tom and Charles Marion Todd), Dorothy-Ann Gould (Viv), Neville Thomas (Maurice), Kate Edwards (Louise), Margaret Inglis (Rose), Michael Drin (Charles and William Leonard Janes). This production was presented at the Alhambra Theatre, Johannesburg, by Pieter Toerien in August 1986.

Translations and adaptations


Tom and Viv theatre programme, 1986.

Barrow, Brian & Williams-Short, Yvonne (eds.). 1988. Theatre Alive! The Baxter Story 1977-1987.

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