There's a Girl in My Soup

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There's a Girl in My Soup by Terence Frisby. London's longest-running comedy (1966-1972) and a worldwide smash hit with long runs on Broadway, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Sydney, Rome, Vienna, Prague and many other places. It is still constantly played wherever there is theatre.

Performance history in South Africa

1967: First staged in South Africa at the Brooke Theatre in 1967, directed by Petrina Fry and featuring John Hayter and Melody O'Brian.

1968: The play opened in the Labia Theatre on 1 April 1968, directed by Petrina Fry for Brian Brooke. The cast included John Whitely, Andreè Magnus, Albert Raphael, Rod Hudson, Annette Jones, Leonne Carnot, Michael Brooke.


Teater SA, 1(1), 1968.

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