La Guerre de Troie N'aura Pas Lieu

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La Guerre de Troie N'aura Pas Lieu ("The Trojan War will not take place") is a play in two acts by French novelist and playwright Jean Giraudoux (1882-1944) [1].

The original text

Written in 1935, the play has two acts and follows the convention of the classical unities. Within the framework of the Iliadic myth of the Trojan War, Giraudoux criticizes diplomacy and the behaviour of the national leaders and intellectuals who brought about World War I and the lead-up to World War II.

It was first performed on 21 November 1935 in the Théâtre de l'Athénée, Paris, France

Translations and adaptations

In 1955 it was translated into English by Christopher Fry with the title Tiger at the Gates, and was first performed in London at the Apollo Theatre by Stephen Mitchell and Robert L. Joseph and directed by Harold Clurman. The text was published by Methuen in 1955 and by Samuel French in 1956.

Performance history in South Africa

1955: Directed by Leonard Schach at the Little Theatre for the Little Theatre Players, December. Decor by Cecil Pym, costumes by Mavis Taylor. In the cast: Neville Dubow, Dorothy Fairlie, Dorothy Felbert, Louis Franks, Hansell Hewitt, Icky Kurgan, Gretel Mills, H.L. Stern, Rosalie van der Gucht, Harry Victor.

Presented by the University Players. Date and venue unknown.

Translations and adaptations


Published text of Tiger at the Gates by Christopher Fry (2nd edition: Methuen, 1971)

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