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Please Note

French and Italian titles beginning with the articles "l' ", "la", "le", "les", "lo" and so on are listed under the following noun, according to normal bibliographic usage.

The list

La Serva Padrona

Laatste Levensuur van een Oranjeklant, Het (Arnold).

Laburnum Grove

Labyrinth, The

Ladies in Retirement

Ladies in Waiting

Lady and the Devil, The (Dimond)

Lady Audley's Secret (Braddon/Hazlewood)

Lady Barker's Last Appearance

Lady from Dubuque, The

Lady Frederick

Lady From Edinburgh

Lady from the Sea, The

Lady Melvil, ou Le Joaillier de Saint-James (De Saint-Georges and De Leuven)

Lady of Belmont, The (Ervine)

Lady of Lyons, The

Lady of Lyons, The, or Love and Pride (Bulwer-Lytton)

Lady Precious Stream

Lady Windermere's Fan

Lady's not for Burning, The

Lancers, The (Payne)

Land des Lachelns, Das

Land of Heart's Desire

Lang Dagreis na die Nag

Laramie Project, The

Larger than Life

Lark, The (Anouilh) See L'Alouette

Largo Desolato

Last Night of André Chénier, The (Hugo)

Last of the Red Hot Lovers

Last Summer at Bluefish Cove

Lasteraar, De (Von Kotzebue)

Lastige Overbuur, Een (A.A. van der Stempel)

Late Christopher Bean, The

Late Edwina Black, The

Latest Edition of Black-Eyed Susan, or The Little Bill That Was Taken Up (Burnand)

Latest Edition of The Lady of Lyons, The, or Two-penny Pride and Penny-tence (Byron). See The Lady of Lyons

Laugh When You Can (Reynolds)

Laughing Wild

Launen und Herzensgüte (Bindseil)


Lavater the Physiognomist, or Not a Bad Judge

Lauwerkrans, of Het Gezag der Wetten, De (Ziegler)

Lawyer in the Sack, The (Anon.)

Lazaro de Veehoeder, of Misdaad en Wraak (Bouchardy/Tiggelaar)

Leader of the Pack

Learned Ladies, The

Lebedinaia pesnia (Chekhov)

Lee Harvey Oswald


Leichtsinn und Gutes Herz (Favières)

Leka med elden (Strindberg)

Lelike Eend, Die

Lend Me a Tenor

Lend Me Five Shillings (Morton)



Les, Die (Ionesco) See Leçon, La

Lesson, The (Ionesco) See Leçon, La

Lesson in Blood and Roses

Lettice and Lovage

Leuchtturm, Der (Von Houwald)

Levend Dood

Lewenslank op die Breekwater

Liar, The (Samuel Foote)

Liberaal en Conservatief, of De Verkiezingsrage (A.A. v/d Stempel)

Libertine, The (Shadwell) (See Don Juan)

Lie of the Mind, A

Liebestrank, Der

Liebhaber und Nebenbuhler in einer Person (Ziegler)

Liefde in Satyn (Sheridan) See The Rivals

Liefde, Vriendschap en List, of De Uitwerking van het Extractum Longua Vivum (Van der Stempel)

Liefdenest, Het See Le Nid d'Amour

Liefhebbery Comedie in de War, De (Van der Stempel/de Théis?)

Liegende Knegt, De See The Lying Valet (Garrick)

Lies and Deceptions

Life (Reynolds) See Life, A Comedy

Life, A

Life, A Comedy (Reynolds)

Life With Father

Lift That Failed, The

Light of Heart, The

The Light Tower (Von Houwald) See Der Leuchtturm

Light Up the Sky

Lilac Time

Lilian Gervais (Barnett / Alboize, Saint Yves and Choler) See Marie Simon

Liliom (Molnár)

Lillian (Luce)

Lily in Little India, A (Howarth)

Limaçon de Dichter (Von Kotzebue/Boniface) See Das Lustspiel am Fenster

Linden Tree, The


Liolà (Pirandello)

Lion in Winter, The

Lionel Touch, The

Lisbon Traviata, The

List, The by Jennifer Tremblay

Listen to the Wind

Listige Weduwe, De, of De Temperamenten (Von Kotzebue) See Die Schlaue Wittwe, Oder, Die Temperamente

Little Foxes, The

Little Glass Houses

Little Hunchback, The, or A Frolic in Bagdad (O'Keeffe)

Little Hut

Little Life Like This, A

Little Malcolm and his Struggle against the Eunuchs

Little Mary Sunshine

Little Mermaid, The

Little Mermaid Jr, The

Little Minister, The

Little Nellie Kelly

Little Prince, The (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Night Music, A

Little Shop of Horrors, The

Little Shop of Horrors

Little Toddlekins (Mathews)

Little Treasure, The (Harris)

Little Women

Living Corpse, The (Tolstoy)

Living Too Fast, or A Twelve Month's Honeymoon (Troughton)

Locandiera, La (Goldoni)

Lock and Key (Hoare)

Lock Up Your Daughters (Fielding/Miles)

Locked in with A Lady: A Sketch from Life (Addison)

Lodewijk XI (Delavigne/Schimmel)

Lodoiska (De Jaure/Kemble)

Logen om Best Wil, De (Garrick) See The Lying Valet

Logenbrüder, Die (Carl Laufs and Curt Kraatz)

Lohn der Wahrheit (Von Kotzebue)

London Assurance

London Merchant, The (Lillo)

London Merchant, The, or The History of George Barnwell See The London Merchant

Lone Star

Lonely Giant, The

Lonely Man of the Ocean, The (Blake) [[See The Lonely Man of the Ocean, or The Night before the Bridal]]

Lonely Man of the Ocean, The, or The Night before the Bridal (Blake)

Long and the Short and the Tall, The

Long Day's Journey into Night, A

Long Day's Journey into Night

Long Mirror, The

Look Back in Anger

Look Homeward Angel


Loon der Waarheid (Von Kotzebue) See: Lohn der Wahrheit

Loop Vra Jou Skoolgeld


Lorbeerkranz, oder die Macht der Gesetze, Der (Ziegler)

Lord Byron's Love Letter


Losse Schot, Het (Von Kotzebue) See Blind Geladen

Lost in London (Phillips)

Lost in the Stars

Lost Ship, The (Townsend) See The Lost Ship, or The Man-of-War's Man and The Privateer

Lost Ship, The, or The Man-of-War's Man and The Privateer (Townsend)

Loterijbriefjes, De, of De Bedrogen Schoenlapper (De Florian/Bingley)

Lotery Prys, of No. 2,5,3,8., De (Hoare) See The Prize, or 2,5,3,8,'

Lottie Dundass

Lottery Ticket and Lawyer's Clerk, The (Beazley)

Loudest Tears in Town, The

Louis XI (Delavigne; or Delavigne/Boucicault)

Love à la Mode (Macklin)

Love from a Stranger

Love in a Sack (Griffin)

Love in Albania

Love in Humble Life (Payne/Scribe and Dupin)

Love in Idleness (Rattigan)

Love in the City (Bickerstaffe)

Love Letters (Gurney)

Love, Julie (Edgeworth)

Love Laughs at Locksmiths (Colman Jr)

Love, Law and Physic by James Kenney (1812)

Love of the Nightingale, The

Love on the Dole

Love! Valour! Compassion!

Love's a Luxury

Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur, A

Lover, The

Lover by Proxy, A (Boucicault)

Lover by Proxy!, A, or My Daughter Sir! (Planché)


Lovers' Quarrels, or Like Master Like Man (King/Vanbrugh)

Lovers' Vows (Inchbald/Kotzebue)

Lower Depths, The

Lucky Hit, A (Dumanoir and d'Ennery/Stirling) See Le Capitaine Roquefinette

Lucrèce Borgia (Hugo)

Lucretia Borgia (Weston) See Lucrèce Borgia

Lucrezia Borgia (Donizetti) See Lucrèce Borgia

Lucy Strata

Ludlow Fair

Lug is Betrokke, Die

Luim en Goedhartigheid (Bindseil) See Launen und Herzensgüte

Luise Millerin (Schiller)

Luke the Labourer, or the Lost Son (Buckstone)

Lumie di Sicilia

Lunatic and Lover

Lune de Miel, La (Tobin/Nordier)


Lunch Girls

Lunch Hour Theatre?

Lustspiel am Fenster, Das (Von Kotzebue)


Lying Valet, The (Garrick)

Lying Valet, The, or The Masters Deceived (Garrick) See The Lying Valet

Lyons, The


Lysistrata S.A.

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