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Der Leuchtturm ("The lighthouse", 1821) is a so-called "Schicksalstragödie"("Fate-tragedy") in two acts by Christoph Ernst von Houwald (1778-1845)[1]

The original text

First performed in 1819, it was published as Der Leuchtturm, with another, shorter, tragedy called Die Heimkehr ("The homecoming") in Leipzig by Göschen, 1821.

Translations and adaptations

According to Edward Fitzball (1792–1873)[2], his play, The Floating Beacon, or The Norwegian Wreckers (a nautical melodrama in two acts), was apparently influenced by an English summary he had read of a play called The Light Tower(Burwick, 2015: pp. 220-221)[3]. Fitzball's play first performed in the Surrey Theatre, London, on 19 April 1824 and published the same year.

South African productions

(See also performances of The Floating Beacon, or The Norwegian Wreckers)


Facsimile version of the original German published text of 1821, Google E-book[4]

North Lincoln Sphinx Vol 1, No 14. December 10th 1862.

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