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HB Thom Theatre, Stellenbosch

HF Verwoerd Theatre, Springs


HAUM Literêr

HAUM Literary

HSRC, Pretoria

Handhawerstoneelgeselskap, Die

Handhawers Toneelgeselskap, Die.

Handspring Puppet Company

Handyminds, Durbanville

Hanekom Geselskap

Hanekoms se Toneelskool, Bloemfontein

Hanekom-Van Zyl Geselskap

Harmonie en Eendragt

Harmoniesaal, Pretoria

Harmony Hall, Pretoria

Harper-Leffler Company

Harrington Street Theatre

Harrismith Amateur Comedy Company

Haupt's Theatre, Cape Town

Haupt’s Warehouse, Cape Town

Haviland and Lawrence Shakespearian & Dramatic Company


Hawtrey Comedy Company

Hearts & Eyes Theatre Collective, Cape Town

Heidal Drama Organisation, Heidelberg, Cape

Heidedal Drama Group, Bloemfontein

Heidedal Drama Organisation, Heidelberg, Cape

Heidelberg Amateur Dramatic Society, Heidelberg, Transvaal [*?]

Heidram, Bloemfontein

Heinemann Publishers

Heinemann(South Africa)


Hello Community Theatre Arts Festival (Tswane)

Helpmekaar Fonds

Helpmekaar Vereniging

Henri van Wyk Geselskap

Henry Brookes Community Hall, Bloemfontein

Herald, The

Herbert Flemming Company

Hermit Theatre, Durban


Hertzog Prize for Drama

Fransche Liefhebbery Geselschap, Het

Hollandsch Toneellievend Gezelschap, Het

Hoogduitsch Gezelschap van het Liefhebbery Theater, Het

Nederlandsch Toneelschool, Het , Amsterdam

Het Privaat Hollandsch Tooneellievend Gezelschap

Heunis-Rood Geselskap, Die

Hexagon Theatre, Pietermaritzburg.

Hiddingh Hall, Cape Town.

High Street Theatre, Durbanville

Highland Amateur Party, The.

Hill's Literary Entertainments, Cape Town

Himalaya Hotel, Durban-Westville

Hirshfield's Theatre Company

His Majesty’s Theatre, Johannesburg

His Majesty's Theatre, Johannesburg

His Majesty's Theatre, Pretoria

Historical Papers Research Archive

Hodder and Stoughton publishers

Hoenderhok, Die - Cape Town

Hofmeyr Hall, Cape Town

Hofmeyr Theatre, Cape Town

Hofmeyr School, Johannesburg

Hofmeyrsaal, Stellenbosch

Hofsaal, Malmesbury

Hogarth Puppets

Holland, Pretoria

Hollandsche Kerk Zaal, Cape Town

Hollandsche Tooneellievend en Vereenigd Muzyk Gezelschap, Het , Stellenbosch

Hollandsch nieuw Tooneel Gezelschap, Het , Cape Town

Hollandse Saal, Stellenbosch

(De) Hollandse Skouburg, Cape Town

Holloway Theatre Company, The

Holy Cross Centre, District Six, Cape Town

Honi Soit qui Mal y Pense, Cape Town

Honi Soit qui Mal y Pense, Grahamstown

Hoogduitsch Gezelschap van het Liefhebbery Theater, Het

Hoop en Trouw, Cape Town.

Hoop en Trouw en Tot Oefening en Vermaak, Cape Town.

Hope Street Theatre, Cape Town

Hottentots Holland Dramatic Society

House of Representatives One-Act Play Festival

Howard Timmins, publishers

Howitt-Phillips Company

Hugenot Festival


Hugenote Gedenkskool, Paarl.

Huguenet Theatre, Bloemfontein

Huguenet Theatre, Johannesburg


Human & Rousseau, publishers

Human Sciences Research Council, Pretoria.

Hungry Minds Theatre Collective, Cape Town

Hungry Minds Theatre Productions See Hungry Minds Theatre Collective

Hutchinson's Hall, Cape Town

Hyde’s Amateur Opera Company, Johannesburg

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