Die Heunis-Rood Geselskap

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("The Heunis-Rood Company"). An Afrikaans touring theatre company, founded by actors Anton Heunis and Louis Rood, when they broke away from the James Norval Geselskap in 1935.

Advertised as the only Afrikaans company to tour from Cape Town to the Limpopo, they initially consisted of the two leaders plus Enid Brink, Olga du Plessis, Bennie de la Rey, Hennie Slabbert, Jeanette Cramer and Eric Olsen. *

Their productions included Baron Peros, Eerloos ("Without Honour" - apparently by someone called "Ludwig Stroheim", not the Dutch play by Van Nouhuijs), Die Dolk ("The Dagger") and Judas Kus ("Judas Kiss").


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