The Fourth Reich

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The Fourth Reich is a film by Manie van Rensburg (1945–1993).

The source

The film is based on a documentary novel by the journalist Hans Strydom called For Volk and Fuhrer : Robey Leibbrandt & Operation Weissdorn, published by Jonathan Ball Publishers in 1983 (also published in Afrikaans as Vir Volk en Führer: Robey Leibbrandt & Operasie Weissdorn in 1983). It tells the story of Robey Leibbrandt (1913–1966)[1], a South African boxer who became fascinated with Nazi ideology during the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin and in 1939 returned to South Africa to lead an operation to overthrow the pro-Allied government of General Jan Smuts.

The film

Directed by Manie van Rensburg to a script co-written by Malcolm Kohll and Hans Strydom.

The large cast included Marius Weyers, Ryno Hattingh, Grethe Fox, Percy Sieff, Elize Cawood, Pierre Knoesen, Ian Roberts, Marcel van Heerden, Louis van Niekerk, James Borthwick, Keith Grenville, Sandra Kotzé, Annabel Linder, Tertius Meintjes, Ernest Ndlovu, Eric Nobbs, Brian O'Shaughnessy, Dan Robbertse, Cobus Rossouw, Ron Smerczak, Carel Trichardt, James White, Norman Anstey, Christine Basson, Will Bernard, John Bishop, Mitzi Booysen, Lida Botha, Pieter Brand (billed as Pieter Brandt), Kerneels Coertzen, Vanessa Cooke, Michael Copley, Crispin de Nuys, Gideon de Wet, Anton Dekker, Frantz Dobrowsky, Wilson Dunster, Ernst Eloff, Annette Engelbrecht, Bill Flynn, Adrian Galley, Billy Gayle, Alan Granville, Michal Grobbelaar, Errol Hart, Graham Hopkins, Kobus Kleynhans, Ben Kruger, Greg Latter, Dale Lee, Nico Liebenberg, Jacques Loots, Patrick Lyster, Ramolao Makhene (billed as Ramalao Makhene), Albert Maritz, Michael Maxwell, Patrick Mynhardt, Dana Niehaus, Johan Niemandt, Hennie Oosthuizen, (billed as Hendrik Oosthuizen), Deon Opperman, Hal Orlandini, David Phetoe, Tjaart Potgieter, Emgee Pretorius, Percy Pretorius, Nicky Rebelo (billed as Nicky Rebello), André Rossouw, Clive Scott, Robin Smith, Wilna Snyman, Ian Steadman, Wilma Stockenström, André Stolz, Flip Theron, Neville Thomas, Peter Tunstall, Alwyn van der Merwe, Steve van der Merwe, Richard van der Westhuizen, Jan van Deventer, Pierre van Pletzen, Eric van Rensburg, Herbie Vermuellen (billed as Herbie Vermeulen), George Whyte, James Whyte and Andrew Worsdale.

The crew included Louis van Rensburg (music), Dewald Aukema (cinematography) and Nena Olwage (editing).

The film was produced by the Zastron production company and distributed in South Africa by Trans Atlantic (1990).

For full details on the entire cast and crew, see the IMDb entry on The Fourth Reich (1990), at


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