Faan se Stasie

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Faan se Stasie ("Faan's Station") is the name of a 1976 Afrikaans play by Pieter Fourie (1940-2021), as well as a 1997 radio drama based on it.

See also Faan se Trein and Die Mankind Faan

Faan se Stasie The play

The original text

Written in 1976 as a sequel to his earlier play Faan se Trein ("Faan's Train"), it is a darker play, depicting the further adventures of a simple minded man with a love of trains.

After initial problems with some of the language and utterences contained in the text, it was first performed in the Nico Malan Theatre by CAPAB in 1976 and published by Tafelberg Publishers in the same year.

Translations and adaptations

The text was adapted for radio by Eben Cruywagen (see sub-entry below).

The two texts Faan se Trein and Faan se Stasie were translated into German by Peter Kleinschmidt and then adapted as a single drama entitled Faan. There is no indication whether this was ever performed.

The two texts Faan se Trein and Faan se Stasie were adapted for a film called Faan se Trein by Pieter Fourie and Koos Roets in 2013 (See sub-entries below).

Performance history in South Africa

1976: Staged in the Nico Malan Theatre by CAPAB from 1 June, directed by the playwright, with Willem de la Querra (Faan), Pieter Joubert (Sersant), Mees Xteen (Stinkhans), Pieter Geldenhuys (Oom Giel), Fitz Morley (Die Sap), Marko van der Colff (Die Kondukteur), Neels Coetzee (Omie), Anna Cloete (Tannie), Cobus Rossouw (Dronkie), Pierre van Pletzen (Koos Tieties), Tarina Kleyn (Ou Vicegrip), Andre Rossouw (Winkjan) and Sandra Kotze, Sandra Ferreira, Liz Dick, Trudi du Plessis, Etienne Pienaar, Ralph van Pletzen, Schalkie de la Querra. Decor by Raimond Schoop, costumes by Penny Simpson and lighting by John T. Baker.

1976: Presented by John Burch and Carl de Gouveia and staged at the Lake Theatre in Parkview.

1979: Performing rights granted by DALRO to Ladysmith Teatergroep for performances in Ladysmith during July.

1985: Staged by PACT in the State Theatre in Pretoria and in the Alexander Theatre in Johannesburg, directed by Pieter Fourie, with Eric Nobbs (Faan), Ben Kruger (Sersant & Winkjan), James Winkler (Stinkhans), Ernst Eloff (Oom Giel), Jakes Jacobs (Die Sap), Kobus Kleynhans (Kondukteur), Johan Engelbrecht (Omie & Koos Tieties), Milla Louw (Tannie), Frank Opperman (Dronkie), Christine Basson (Ou Vicegrip) and Sarel Pretorius/Christoff Coetzee (Seun). Designed by Johan Engelbrecht.


CAPAB theatre programme, 1976.

PACT theatre programme, 1985.

Petru & Carel Trichardt theatre programme collection.

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Faan se Stasie The radio drama

The text

Faan se Stasie was broadcast as radio theatre by Radio Sonder Grense on 24 June, 1997. Shortened to a 45 minute piece, it was directed by Eben Cruywagen with inter alia Marthinus Basson, Johan Stassen, Barbara McArthur, Hannes Horne and Johan Botha. Helena Magdalena Carlson and Allan Roy Rabey were the production assistants.


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Faan se Stasie The film

See Faan se Trein

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