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Nico Luwes (1954-) [1]. Playwright, actor, director and professor of drama.


He studied at the University of the Orange Free State, Department Drama and Theatre Arts [2] (1976). In 2012 he completed a doctoral study of the life and work of the Afrikaans playwright Pieter Fourie.

Nico taught drama at Kroonstad Technical College (1979). In 1980 joined the University of the Orange Free State Drama and Theatre Arts Department, and in 1990 became head of the department and program director drama at UFS.

He is Chairperson of the Free State Theatre Theatre Acts (FACTS), a professional production house.

He is married to Alet and the couple has three children, Nicolaas, Michele and Carmen.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

He acted as professional actor/singer for PACOFS from 1978 to 1979 in Kanna, hy kô Hystoe, The Fantasticks, People are Living There, Romeo and Juliet, The Merry Widow, El Grande del Papa Roderiques. The Cherry Orchard, Three Sisters.

Since 1980 his directorial work for the Dramadepartment,UFS, PACOFS,FACTS, National Arts Festivals and international theatres include Die Effek van Gammastrale op Man-in-die-maan Gousblomme (UFS 1980 &1989), Hansie, die Hanslam (UFS 1982), Blanche, A Streetcar Named Desire (UFS), Graswewenaar (written directed and acted at UFS and Kampustoneel in 1985).

Later productions by PACT, PACOFS, SWARUK, KKNK and directed at Vryfees 2012), Aku vang ‘n Ster (written directed and acted at UFS and Kampustoneel in 1986. Later productions by PACT and KKNK), Die Buite-Egtelike Ouma (written directed and acted at UFS and Kampustoneel in 1987. Later productions by PACOFS, KKNK and Vryfees 2012 and Russian translation directed in Chekov Theatre, Kazakhstan in 2006), Drie Bruide vir Jan Ramdam (written directed and acted at UFS and Kampustoneel in 1988), Oklahoma! (UFS 1988), Die Huis van Maria Malan (written directed and acted at UFS in 1990 and 2011),Hansie, die Hanslam (at UFS in 1990), Die Waterwyser, (written directed and acted at UFS and Kampustoneel in 1991), Over the Hill, Under the Oaks (UFS 1993), A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (Directed at UFS, 1993 and for PACOFS in 2002), Oepsie! (written and directed at UFS and Kampustoneel in 1994), Mis, Drif, Liewe Heksie en die Rotbende (at UFS in 1995), Die Kersieboord, The Transistor Radio (at UFS in 1996) Aku vang ‘n Ster (acted and directed at UFS and KKNK in 1996), Onvervulde Drome, Bride by Return (at UFS in 1997), My liewe Meneer Malan (written directed and acted at UFS and Kampustoneel in 1998), Ag, Gee Visser 'n Kans (written and directed UFS and KKNK in 1998), Skroot (written in 1999, new production by PACT] in 2001 at KKNK and acted at UFS 2003), Limericke Sonder Brieke (Directed and acted in 1999 at UFS and KKNK), Tartuffe (directed in 2000 at UFS), Piet se Tante, (directed in 2001), Waaihoek se Vinkel en Koljander (Written, composed music and directed in 2001 at UFS, PACOFS and Aardklop festival), Broken Dreams (Written and directed at UFS), Sprankelspreuke/spieëlbeelde (written and directed in 2001 at UFS ), Die Wind sal nooit weer ophou waai nie, (directed at Macufe in 2002) 'n Seder val in Waterkloof, (directed at UFS in 2002 and directed and acted Volksbladfees 2008), Voordragprogram (2002 at UFS), Skroot (Acted 2002 at UFS) , Maagmeise (directed in 2002 at UFS and KKNK).

Directed Romeo and Juliet at UFS and Chekov Theatre, Kazakhstan 2004), Limericke Sonder Brieke, (2004), Braam van der Vyver’s Straties (KKNK, 2004), Drif, Huis van Maria Malan, Ipekonders (at UFS in 2005), Aasvoëls (at UFS and KKNK), 'n Lam vir die Pase and Waaihoek at (UFS 2005), Knorries en die Krisis (at UFS and KKNK 2006), Tom Gouws’s Nag van die Lang Messe (KKNK, 2006), Ipekonders (at UFS 2006), Cry, The Beloved Country (at UFS and Grahamstown Festival 2006), Lewensreg (directed KKNK-SPAT prizewinner at KKNK and at UFS 2006) , Maaltyd vir een. (directed for Volksblad, KKNK and Aardklop festivals in 2008 and acting and direction at Woordfees, Kolligfees 2009).

Acting in Skerpsin ( Volksblad festival and Aardklop festival 2007). Directed Die Buffel, Jubilium, Die huweliksaansoek and video text Disciplinary Hearings in 2008. Writing and directing Don’t shoot the messenger at UFS and Grahamstown Festival, Directing Die Dokumente (Vryfees 2008) and Maskermaan (Vryfees 2009 and at Woordfees and KKNK 2009), Die Bobaas van die Boendoe (directed UFS 2009) and write and direct Die Draaijakkalse at Aardklop festival (2009). Acting in The Fantasticks (PACOFS 2010).

Directing in 2011 at Vryfees ie Draaijakkalse, Die kaskenades van Kees Kieswetter – Die dooie ou dônner and Renosters (Vryfees prize winner as best production) Acting in 2012 in Putsonderwater and directing Graswewenaar at Vryfees. Write and directing Nag van Die hiëna at UFS (2012)

His published plays include Aku vang ‘n Ster - Published Haum-Literêr [Drama]. (1984), ‘n Kwessie van verbeelding ISBN 9780636066182 in Kruispad Huistaal Bundel G08. Maskew Miller Longman Publishers (2005), Aku vang ‘n ster – Published Human & Rossouw (2005), Graswewenaar - Benedict Books Pretoria (1994), Zollie – Praag Publishers (2005)

Performed and unpublished plays include Aag Gee Visser ‘n kans! (Word program), Aku vang ‘n Ster - De Jager/HAUM. (drama), Die buite-egtelike ouma – Dalro. (comedy), Die Graswewenaar – Dalro. (comedy), Drie bruide vir Jan Ramdam – Dalro. (comedy), Die Venusbeeldtjie – Dalro. (drama), Die Telefoon – Dalro. (drama), 'n Kwessie van verbeelding – Dalro. (comedy), My liewe Meneer Malan – Dalro. (comedy), Die Huis van Maria Malan - Dalro (Afrikaans adaptation and translation of La casa de Bernarda Alba). (drama). Die Waterwyser – Dalro. (comedy), Flikvlooie - Dalro [Adaptation]. (comedy), 'n Lam vir die Pase – Dalro. (drama), Die Mure van Jerigo – Dalro. (drama), Ipekonders - Dalro [Adaptation and translation from Moliere]. (comedy), Oepsie – Dalro. (comedy), Die Premier se Toedeldoe – Dalro. (comedy), Semumu – die Stomme - Dalro. (drama), Skroot – University Press UFS and Dalro. (drama), Limericke Sonder Brieke – Dalro. (comedy), Piet se tante, University Press, UFS and Dalro. (comedy), Waaihoek, University Press UFS and Dalro.(musical), Music composition Waaihoek, SAMRO. (musical), Die Knorries en die krissis. (comedy), Zollie (drama) Sanlam Prizw winner best new play, 2007 The Silent Harmonica (novel at publishers), 2008 English translation of Zolly for performance in London, 2009 Disciplinary Hearings (Video text), 2009 Maaltyd vir een (comedy translation of Dinner for one), 2009 Don’t shoot the messenger (drama on the life of Charles Darwin), 2009 Nag van die Hiëna (thriller), 2009 Die Draaijakkalse (comedy), Kaskenades van Kees Kieswetter – Die dooie ou dônner (comedy).

Translated various works by Anton Chekhov, including Die Skadelike Effek van Twak (The Harmful Effects of Tobacco), Swanesang (Swan Song), deur Anton Chekhov (1902) Vertaal deur Nico Luwes

Awards, etc.

Piers Nicholson Award 1992 and runner-up 2001, 2003 and 2004.

Vita Award 1992.

He won the SPAT Prize for best direction in 2008.

He was nominated “Bloemfonteiner of the year” in 2009.


Ons Stad, 7 May 2009.

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