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See Groza by A.N. Ostrovski in Plays II.


Storm by Paul Roubaix. An Afrikaans one-act play about a family trapped in a flood. Won the first prize in the FATSSA Playwriting competition [**??] in 1946*? and was published in Die Storm en Ander Eenbedrywe (“Storm and Other One-act Plays”, compiled by P.G. Nel, Perskor, 1972. The English text published by Roubaix in a collection called A Time for Compassion. Biko’s World in Six Plays in 1978 (Toronto, Culturama Incorporated), with an introduction by Frank Birbalsingh. Also published in Uitgesoekte Eenbedrywe and Wolraad Woltemade, en ander eenbedrywe. One-act. Cast: mixed.

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