The Frogs

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The Frogs (Ancient Greek: Βάτραχοι, Bátrachoi, "Frogs") is a comedy written by the Ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes. It was performed at the Lenaia, one of the Festivals of Dionysus in Athens, in 405 BC, and received first place. The Frogs tells the story of the god Dionysus, who, despairing of the state of Athens's tragedians, travels to Hades (the underworld) to bring the playwright Euripides back from the dead. (Euripides had died the year before, in 406 BC).

Translations and adaptations

Translated from the Greek into Afrikaans as Die Paddas by Merwe Scholtz. Published by Perskor, 1978.

Performance history in South Africa

Die Paddas presented by KRUIK at the Nico Malan Theatre 25 July to 13 August 1977 under the direction of Peter Kleinschmidt. The four actors in speaking roles were Neels Coetzee as Dionysos, Percy Sieff as Aeschylos and Xantias, Mees Xteen and Errol Ross. John van Reenen appeared as the donkey. Members of the choruses led by Marko van der Colff were James Blanckenberg, Johan Botha, Fitz Morley, Pieter Joubert, Chris Truter, Sandra Ferreira, Juanita Swanepoel, Antoinette Kellermann, Johan Esterhuizen, Tarina Kleyn, Philip Godawa, Willem de la Querra. Decor and costumes by Gralf-Edzard Habben (resident designer at the Cologne Civic Theatre), lighting by John T. Baker.


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Die Paddas theatre programme (CAPAB).

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