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J.C. Juta and Co., Publishers - Cape Town

J.H. de Bussy, Publishers - Cape Town and Pretoria

J.L. van Schaik, Publishers - Pretoria

J.S. Gericke Library, Stellenbosch

Jabulani Amphitheatre, The

Jabulani Concert Party

Jacana Books See Jacana Media

Jade Bowers Design and Management

Jacana Media (publishers)

Jacques Dusseau & Co, Publishers - Cape Town

James Norval Geselskap

Jan Marais Nationale Fonds, Het


Jazzart Dance Studio

Jazzart Contemporary Dance Company

Jazzart Dance Theatre

Jesus Passie

Jewish Communal Hall , Bloemfontein.

Jewish Guild

Jewish Guild, Johannesburg

Jewish Guild Hall, Johannesburg

Jo Christel Drama School



Joburg Theatre, The

Joburg City Theatres (JCT)

Johan Fourie Geselskap

Johan Fourie-toneelgeselskap

Johannesburg Art, Ballet, Drama and Music School

Johannesburg City Hall

Johannesburg Civic

Johannesburg Civic Marionette Theatre

Johannesburg Civic Theatre

Johannesburg Civic Theatre Association

Johannesburg Civic Theatre Award

Johannesburg Critic's Circle

Johannesburg Critic's Circle Award

Johannesburg Debating Society

Johannesburg Film Productions

Johannesburg Opera Company

Johannesburg Operatic and Dramatic Society

Johannesburg Repertory Playreading Society

Johannesburg Repertory Society

Johannesburg Repertory Theatre

Johannesburg Reps

Johannesburg Youth Theatre

Johannesburgse Afrikaanse Amateur Toneelspelers

Johannesburgse Dramatiese Vereniging

Johannesburgse Stadskouburg

Johannesburgse Stadskouburg Toekenning

Johannesburgse Toneelvereniging


John Wright’s Marionettes

Joho! Uitgewers

Jonathan Ball Publishers

Jones and McWilliams, Architects

Jonge Liefhebbers

Jonge Toneel (en Dans) Liefhebbers

Jongeliedenvereniging, Cape Town

Joseph Stone Auditorium, Cape Town

Joseph Stone Theatre, Cape Town

Journal of Humanities

Journal of Literary Studies


Jubilee Singers, The

Junction Avenue Theatre Company

Jungle Performance

Jungle Theatre

Jungle Theatre Company


Juta and Co, Publishers

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