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One of the most popular themes for pantomime and children’s plays. In South Africa many versions have been done. E.g. the production by Philip D. Levard for African Consolidated Theatres in the Empire Theatre and at the Alhambra Theatre in 1945 (starring Ivy Tresmand, Harry Hambleton and Neil McKay); directed by Maralin Vanrenen who co-wrote the script with Ian Ferguson in 1984, with what they called “a Cape flavour” with Dale Cutts, Charles Comyn, Adrienne Pearce, Peter Krummeck, Jennifer Ferguson, Peter Butler, Mike Chase and others at the Baxter Theatre, 1984. Marilyn Taylor’s musical band; by Joyce Levinsohn and Jill Gerard at the Intimate Theatre in 1986; by Janice Honeyman (who wrote and directed the text, again with a South African slant?*) for PACT in 1988.

Janice Honeyman's version in 1988: Designed by Frances Michaletos. Musical director: Didi Kriel. Choreographer: Jennie Reznek. Lighting designed by Nic Michaletos. Ass. director: Andre Odendaal. Cast: Genie of the Lamp: Robert Finlayson Aladdin: Jenny de Lenta Widow Twankey: Michael Richard Wishee-Washee: Bruce Alexander Jerry Joko: Jeremy Taylor Chop Suzy Charmaine: Lisa Bobbert Princess Lotus Blossom: Dorrit Rothschild Emperor Wun Num Bum: John Lesley Empress Wun Tun Tum: Kate Edwards Abanazar: Neville Thomas So-Hi: Christine Weir So-Lo: Melinda Ferguson So-Slo: Lisa Melman Wight-Wun: Zane Meas Fun-Wun: Rodney-Mark Venner So-Wot: Shireen Hollier Wot-Not: Lauren Sherwood Wong-Wun: Steven Breger So-Shi: Bev Elgie Yung-Wun: Lulu Tshoeula Hi-Flung: Glenn Swart Lo-Slung: Andre Odendaal Slave of the Ring: Nomsa Nene

Again in *****. Janice Honeyman’s version A Lad ‘n’ a Lamp. Another version by Janice Honeyman was translated by Nerina Ferreira in ****. Another pantomime version by De Wet Laubscher in ****.**


Baxter pamphlet

Programme of the production in 1988 produced by PACT.

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