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Ian Ferguson. (1937-) Academic, playwright, poet and critic.


Ian was born in Johannesburg in 1937. He went to school and university in Natal and in the 1970s he was Senior Lecturer in English at the University of South Africa.

In 19* he moved to Canada. Long-time partner of Robert Mohr.

In addition to play scripts he has published poetry and theatre criticism.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

Wrote criticism and articles on South African theatre and supervised a number of theses on the subject. One of the founders of the short-lived journal Teater/Theatre SA, later a board member of the South African Theatre Journal.

His writing includes his first produced play Ritual 2378, Sylvia, Nativity, Falstaff, Albe, a Perfect Cavaliero, Confetti, I Remember Will, The Soldier’s Tale, Second Edition, When Regiments Are Gone, The Three Wishes, Uncle Arly.

He has also written two musicals, Talking Deaf Man and Double Trouble.

His script Confetti Too was presented in the USA (early 1980s) and he wrote a one-woman show for Maggie Soboil, Memorable Lioness which was to be produced in New York in mid-1984.

He translated Die Skreeu by Hennie Aucamp, entitled The Scream.

Awards, etc


Falstaff theatre programme, 1984.

Biographical notes in Contemporary South African Plays, 1977.

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