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A theatre company established at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) in the early 1920's, beginning with three performances of The Tempest at the Palladium Theatre, Johannesburg in 1923. (Incidental music was played by an ensemble of six which included Prof Percival Kirby, head of the Dept of Music at Wits).

Other productions over the years include A Trip to Scarborough (1929), The Vikings of Helgeland (1929?), in which a six-year old Moira Lister made her debut; **; Christopher Fry’s The Lady's not for Burning (1951 starring Margaret Inglis, Molly Seftel, and Philip Birkinshaw; Dark of the Moon (directed by Taubie Kushlick on behalf of the University Players, 1955); Julius Caesar (on the Great Hall Steps), directed by John Boulter, 1958; Tiger at the Gates(date?)*.


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