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There were at least two venues called The Palladium (or the Palladium Theatre) in South Africa

The Palladium (or Palladium Theatre) in Johannesburg

The Palladium was a Bio-vaudeville house constructed by African Consolidated Theatres and opened in 1913.

The visiting Hoffman-King Company, did a number of plays there in 1913-14, including The Sorrows of Satan and Tommy Atkins, and the London Repertoire Co. did Motherless in the same year.

In June 1923 the newly established University Players did performances of The Tempest there.

The Palladium (or Palladium Theatre) in Paarl

Paul de Groot rehearsed his first independent production, Haar Tweede Man (1928) in what André Huguenet (1950, p. p.46) referred to as "die aaklige Palladium-teatertjie" ("the awful little Palladium theatre") in Paarl.


André Huguenet (1950, p. p.46)

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