The Deep Blue Sea

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The Deep Blue Sea by British dramatist Terence Rattigan [1] (1911-1977). Terence Rattigan's greatest play is a masterpiece of twentieth century drama. First performed in 1952, The Deep Blue Sea was inspired by the suicide of a young actor whom Rattigan had loved.

First produced in London in 1952.

The original text

Translations and adaptations

Translated into Afrikaans entitled Die Ander Vuur.

Performance history in South Africa

1955: First staged in South Africa at the Brooke Theatre in 1955, directed by Michael Finlayson, with Brian Brooke and British film actress Jean Kent. After a run of three weeks in Cape Town the production moved to Port Elizabeth where Petrina Fry took over Kent's role.

1955: The play was the opening production of the Brooke Theatre in Johannesburg on 13 September. The director was Michael Finlayson, starring Petrina Fry.

1968: An Afrikaans translation, called Die Ander Vuur was staged by the Libertas Teaterklub in the H.B. Thom Theatre in Stellenbosch in May 1968, directed by Marie van Heerden, with Madeleine Heyns (Hester), Annette Muller (Mev. Elton), Herman Pretorius (Philip), Evonne Maritz (Ann), Van Zyl Slabbert (Mnr. Miller), Gerhard Roux (Sir William), Rocky Gagiano (Freddie Page) and Frikkie Engels (Jackie). Decór by Elaine Aucamp and Emile Aucamp, lighting by Emile Aucamp and piano played by Roucher du Toit.

1977: Produced at the Baxter Theatre by Toerien-Firth Company in 1977. Directed by Joan Kemp-Welch. The cast: Helen Cherry, Joyce Bradley, Brian Darnley, Elizabeth Rae, Peter van Dissel, Patrick Holt, James Faulkner, Norman Anstey.


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