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Policja is a Polish one-act play by Slawomir Mrozek (1930-2013)[1].

Known internationally by its English title of Police or as The Police.

The original text

The play, Mrozek's first, is set in a mythical country where the secret police have been so successful that all opposition to the ruling tyrannical regime has disappeared.

The play premiered in Warsaw on 27 June 1958. Performed in English at the Phoenix Theatre in New York in 1961.

Translations and adaptations

Translated into English by Nicholas Bethell as The Police.

Performance history in South Africa

1971: Presented by CAPAB Drama at the Hofmeyr Theatre in a double bill with The Real Inspector Hound with direction and decor by Mavis Taylor in October 1971. The cast: Johan Malherbe (Chief of police), Nerina Ferreira (Wife), Paul Slabolepszy (Policeman), Pietro Nolte (Band), Ronald France (Prisoner/Aide), Phillip Boucher (General), Roger Dwyer (Sergeant). Costumes by Jennifer Craig and Mavis Taylor, lighting devised by Scott Robertson, music selected by Michael Tuffin.




Police theatre programme, 1971.

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