Peer Gynt

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Peer Gynt, a dramatic poem in five acts written in 1867 by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906).

The original text

Published in Samlede digterverker by Gyldendalske Bokhandel, 1922.

Translations and adaptations

Different translations into English exist.

Performance history in South Africa

1946: Produced in English by the University Players, University Hall, Johannesburg, 1946. Reuben Hartstein, Doreen Mantle, Millicent Sidley, Pamela Jones.

1968: Performed at the Little Theatre, Cape Town, under the direction of Mavis Taylor opening 9 March 1968, starring Michael Atkinson as Peer Gynt. Some other members of the large cast were Babs Laker, Margaret Heale, Janice Honeyman, Grethe Fox, Paul Slabolepszy, Annelisa Weiland, Gay Morris, Wilson Dunster and Dudley Hopkins. Decor designed by Maciek Miszewski and Mavis Taylor, original music composed by Michael Tuffin, lighting by Mick Wells.

1970: Presented by the Rhodes University Drama Department from 9-15 April 1970 starring Lois Butlin, Sharon Kaplan, Anthony Akerman, John Burch, Colin Steyn, Dugald Thomson, Heather Murie, Ian Walters, Nan Melville, Felicity Downes, Chris Weare and Nan Gray.


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