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Beeld ("image" or "sculpture") is an Afrikaans daily newspaper.

Not to be confused with Die Beeld ("the image" or "the sculpture"), a Sunday newspaper published by Naspers between 1965 and 1970.

It began publication as a progressive publication on 16 September 1974, during the Verkrampte/Verligte ("Conservative/Enlightened") struggle within the Nationalist Party, and was published in both Johannesburg and Pretoria, initially edited by Schalk Pienaar, followed after 3 months by Johannes Grosskopf. Other editors included Ton Vosloo (1977 tot 1983).

Published by Cape Town based consortium Nasionale Pers (also publishers of Die Burger) in opposition to the four other newspapers published in Transvaal by Johannesburg based Perskor (Hoofstad and Oggendblad in Pretoria and Vaderland and Die Transvaler in Johannesburg). It became the most popular Afrikaans daily newspaper in the North, and for a while was even the most popular in the country.


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