Hélène Vaubré

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Hélène Vaubré (b. **/**/**** - d. **/**/****) was an actress.


Hélène Vaubré played Mabel May’s aunt, Lady Cantourne, in Joseph Albrecht’s film version of With Edged Tools (1919), based on the popular novel by Henry Seton Merriman. She replaced Annie Leaf, who was first announced for the role. At the time she was touring with Marie Tempest, appearing in plays like Penelope (1918), Mrs. Dot (1918), The Duke of Killiekrankie (1918) and Mary Goes First (1919) at His Majesty’s Theatre in Johannesburg. Little else is known about her, though in November 1884 the British newspaper The Era, which focused on theatrical matters, contained an advert in which Vaubré sought a permanent London engagement. At the time she was appearing as Nelly Armroyd in Lost in London by Watts Phillips, being staged at the Theatre Royal in Leicester and elsewhere. The advert quoted The Era as saying: “The Nelly Armroyd of Miss Hélène Vaubré, who is an accomplished actress, was received with well-merited applause”. Where she was between 1884 and 1918, no-one seems to know. In 1918 the S.A. Pictorial pointed out that she was “closely related” to Charles Cutler, whose sketches were regularly published in that publication and who was responsible for the book "Humorous Sketches of the Campaign in German East Africa". It’s pretty certain that Hélène Vaubré was her stage name.


The Era, 29 November 1884

S.A. Pictorial, 9 November 1918

S.A. Pictorial, 28 June 1919

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