With Edged Tools

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With Edged Tools is a 1919 silent film by Joseph Albrecht.

Based on the novel With Edged Tools by Henry Seton Merriman, it was filmed in South Africa under the same title, initially directed by Dick Cruikshanks, but finished by Joseph Albrecht, who took over when the actor/director became ill.

Produced by African Film Productions and directed by Joseph Albrecht, with Edward Vincent (Sir John Meredith), Charles Sparrow (Jack Meredith), M.A. Wetherell (Guy Oscard), Grafton Williams (Victor Durnovo), H.J. Hamlin (Maurice Gordon), C.H. Butcher (Joseph Atkinson), Mabel May (Millicent Chyne), Ada Edney (Jocelyn Gordon) and Helène Vaubré (Lady Cantourne).

In March 1919 it was announced that African Film Productions would be filming the novel and in August of that year it premiered at the New Bijou in Johannesburg.



Entry on Wit Edged Tools [sic!], in the African Film Database[1]


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