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DOBROWSKY, Frantz. (1948-2006) Actor.


He was born in the Transkei. He took his own life in January 2006.



A fine bilingual (Afrikaans and English) character actor who studied Speech and Drama at Rhodes University.


Worked for The Space, CAPAB, Baxter Theatre, PACT.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

Epicœne, or The silent woman, 1969.

Played Creon in Oedipus, Sister Innes in The Nuns, Mephisopholes in Faustus and Third Macbeth in A Macbeth. Performed in A Lily in Little India (PACT 1973), Three Months Gone (PACT 1973), Tartuffe, Story Theatre (PACT 1974), Lesson in Blood and Roses (at the Space in Cape Town, 1974) and in Metamorphosis (at the Arena in Johannesburg).

He has appeared in Lee Harvey Oswald PACT 1976, A Flea in her Ear for PACT at the Alexander Theatre in 1976, Journey's End, PACT in February 1977, Ibchek, at Upstairs at the Market in 1979, Henry Rootenberg’s Zeyda, or A Pedlar's Progress together with Molly Seftel and Nicholas Ellenbogen at the Laager and the Alexander Theatre in 1981, Lunatic and Lover, People's Space 1981, Savages, PACT in 1982, Chekhov in Yalta PACT, 1984/5.

He starred in Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya together with Michael McCabe, James Borthwick, Jacqui Singer, Shelagh Holliday and Charlotte Butler under Richard Haines's direction in 1986.

He had roles in As Is which was directed by Janice Honeyman in 1986, Panics, 1991, Antoine in Mirakel, 1992, Kouvoet in Palang van Dwaal , 1998, The Eleventh Commandment, 1998, El Grande de Coca Cola (National Arts Festival 1999), Inkleurboek vir Twee (KKNK 1999), Death of a Salesman, Baxter Theatre, 2001, Run to Ground (2003), Nagkantoor, KKNK 2004.

Other productions include Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (1978), The Crucible (Market Theatre 1996) , El Grande de Coca Cola (1999), Groucho at Large, Please tell us what's going on, please! (2002).

Together with the author he directed Paul Slabolepszy’s double bill Under the Oaks and Over the Hill which was presented by the Market Theatre in September 1985.

He had a role in the film The Native Who Caused All the Trouble, 1990. (Manie van Rensburg).

Awards, etc

Won the Stuart Leith Trophy in 1973 for best English actor.

Naledi Lifetime Achiever Award, award year 2004.


SACD 1973; 1974’; 1975/76.

Tucker, 1997.

Various entries in the NELM catalogue.

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