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Charles H. Butcher (b. **/**/**** - d. **/**/****) was a film actor.


It seems too much of a coincidence that what appear to be three different actors with the surname Butcher all appeared in silent films for African Film Productions within two years: there is an R.H. Butcher credited as Lieut. Coghill in The Symbol of Sacrifice (Dick Cruikshanks/1918); an H.C. Butcher acted in The Voice of the Waters (Joseph Albrecht/1918); and Chas. H. Butcher or C.H. Butcher played the part of Joseph Atkinson, soldier-servant to the character of Jack Meredith, played by Charles Sparrow, in the film version of Henry Seton Merriman’s novel With Edged Tools (Joseph Albrecht/1920).

Discrepancies in the names appearing in credits lists for plays and film are commonplace, either through some kind of human error, or by choice, even today. In this case, while unconfirmed credits may be misleading, S.A. Pictorial specifically refers to a C.H. Butcher leaving for North-Western Rhodesia in March 1919, which is where parts of With Edged Tools were filmed. So one can probably assume that at least the initials are correct and that varying credits listed above all refer to the same actor.


Parsons, Neil - Black and white bioscope: making movies in Africa 1899 to 1925 (2018)

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