Three Cheers for President Charlie

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Three Cheers for President Charlie by James Ambrose Brown. Music by Brian Arthur Burke. A popular children's play with music.

First published by ** in 19*.

The original text

Translations and adaptations

Translated into German by Jutta Schoof, entitled Lang Lebe Prasident Charlie. (NELM:[Collection: BROWN, James Ambrose]: 1998. 146. 87. 2).

Performance history in South Africa

1972: First South African performance by The Space (Cape Town) children's theatre group, 19 June 1972. Directed by Lianda Martin with Dennis Bettesworth, Marion Crage-Smith, Steven Daitsh, Val Donald, Vickie Hertz, John Ramsbottom and Paul Slabolepszy. Design by Axel Pedersen, costumes by Peter Krummeck, lighting and sound by Paul Beresford and stage management by Lianda Martin.

1972: A production at the Brooke Theatre, Johannesburg, opened on 11 December 1972.

1975: In January 1975 Eileen Thorns directed the play for CAPAB English Drama in the Nico Malan Arena, starring David Crichton, Mary Dreyer, Stephen Gurney, Barry Jarvis, Pietro Nolte, Elliot Playfair, Roland Stafford, Dugald Thomson. Sets designed by Penny Simpson, lighting by John T. Baker.

1986: A Baxter Theatre/Glynn Day Theatre Company production in 1986 was presented in the Baxter Theatre Concert Hall, directed by Joey Wishnia, starring John Dennison, Pippa Duffy, Louie Cowan, Julie Hartley, Ricardo Koopman, Richard Farmer, Andrew Duvenhage, Michael Billimore, Joey Wishnia and Patrick Walton.


Programme of first South African performance by "The Space" children's theatre group held by NELM [Collection: BROWN, James Ambrose]: 1998. 146. 87. 1.

Programme for the Brooke Theatre production held by NELM: [Collection: BROOKE, Brian]: 2005. 57. 1.

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Nico Malan Theatre Centre pamphlet

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