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Sann de Lange (1913 – 1999) was an actress. Also credited as San de Lange and Sanna de Lange (once).


Born Gertruida Susanna Catharina (or Susanna Gertruida Katarina) de Lange in the town of Koster, on 4 October, 1913.

She made her first stage appearance when she was eighteen and had a career that lasted for more than forty-five years. Initially she was a member of the company of Jan Plaat-Stultjes and after his death in 1934 she came with Elsa Fouché when the latter joined Hendrik Hanekom. When her friend formed the Elsa Fouché Toneelgeselskap, Sann de Lange was part of the company. She and Elsa directed Pollie, Ons Gaan Pêrel Toe for Benn Potgieter and Sann was in Andromache for the Johannesburgse Afrikaanse Amateur Toneelspelers (JAATS). For a number of years she toured with the Afrikaans company of the National Theatre Organisation (NTO) and also acted for PACT/TRUK.

Her first screen role was in Die Bou van ‘n Nasie (Joseph Albrecht & Andries A. Pienaar/1938), in which she played the role of Rev. Owen’s wife in the Afrikaans-language version of the film. From 1960 onwards, she was permanently in demand as a character actress and featured in some 48 films, as well as in various television dramas and series. With the possible exception of the two Tant Ralie films in which she played the sister of the Wena Naudé character (Tant Ralie), she seldom had starring roles but she was much loved in parts such as that of Tant Betta in the television series Nommer Asseblief. She worked more than once with directors like Jamie Uys, Jan Perold, Al Debbo, Elmo de Witt, Richard Daneel, Koos Roets, Ivan Hall and Franz Marx.

In 1937 she had married fellow actor Morné Coetzer, who was also a member of the Elsa Fouché company. He died in 1972 and the couple had three children – Morné, Leira and Hermas. Morné Coetzer Jr. also became a well-known actor, television presenter and director.

On 31 May 1999 Sann de Lange died at the age of 85 at the old age home in Roodepoort where she was a resident. (FO)

Awards, etc

She received a AA Life Vita Award as best supporting actress for her role as the grandmother in Darrell James Roodt’s Jobman (1998).



1936 – In die Mag van Tiberius (Elsa Fouché Toneelgeselskap), 1936 – Die Sewe Duiwels (Elsa Fouché Toneelgeselskap), 1939 – Die Vermiste Getuie (Die Hanekoms), 1940 – Agter Geslote Deure (Die Hanekoms), 1949 – Pollie, Ons Gaan Pêrel Toe (Benn Potgieter se geselskap) (Directors: Elsa Fouché & Sann de Lange) (directors only), 1949 – Andromache (JAATS) (Director: Aletta Gericke), 1954 – So Praat die Ou Rivier (NTO), 1955 – Die Twisappel (NTO), 1957 – Oupa Kanniedood (NTO) (Director: Jannie Gildenhuys), 1958 – Skrikkeljaar (NTO), 1960 – Koning Eenoog, of Nie vir Geleerdes (NTO) (Director: Anna Neethling-Pohl), 1964 – Bruidjie Dit en Bruidjie Dat (TRUK) (Director: Cobus Rossouw), 1965 – Agt Vroue (TRUK) (Director: Leonora Nel).


1938 – Die Bou van ‘n Nasie (Directors: Joseph Albrecht & Andries A. Pienaar), 1946 – Die Skerpioen (Director: Arthur Bennett), 1960 – Oupa en die Plaasnooientjie (uncredited) (Director: Pierre de Wet), 1960 – Die Jagters (Director: Gordon Vorster), 1961 – Doodkry Is Min (Director: Jamie Uys), 1961 – Basie (Director: Gordon Vorster), 1961 – Boerboel de Wet (Director: Al Debbo), 1962 – Tom Dirk en Herrie (Director: Al Debbo), 1962 – As Ons Twee Eers Getroud Is! (Director: Jan Perold), 1962 – Geheim van Onderplaas (Director: Al Debbo), 1962 – Gevaarlike Spel (Director: Al Debbo), 1962 – Lord Oom Piet (Director: Jamie Uys), 1963 – Die Ruiter in die Nag (uncredited) (Director: Jan Perold), 1964 – Piet My Niggie (uncredited) (Director: Jan Perold), 1965 – Debbie (Director: Elmo de Witt), 1965 – Die Wonderwêreld van Kammie Kamfer (Director: Al Debbo), 1966 – All the Way to Paris / After you, Comrade (Director: Jamie Uys), 1967 – Die Professor en die Prikkelpop / The Professor and the Beauty Queen (Director: Jamie Uys), 1967 – Hoor My Lied / Hear My Song (Director: Elmo de Witt), 1967 – The Jackals (uncredited) (Director: Robert D. Webb), 1969 – Vrolike Vrydag 13de (Director: Richard Daneel), 1969 – Danie Bosman: die Verhaal van die Grootste S.A. Komponis (Director: Elmo de Witt), 1969 – Stadig oor die Klippe (Director: Richard Daneel), 1969 – Lied in My Hart / Song in My Heart (Director: Ivan Hall), 1970 – Sien Jou Môre (uncredited) (Director: Elmo de Witt), 1972 – Vlug van die Seemeeu / Flight of the Seagull (Director: Koos Roets), 1972 – Marmerpoel (Director: Judex C. Viljoen), 1973 – Die Sersant en die Tiger Moth (Director: Koos Roets), 1973 – Snip en Rissiepit (Director: Elmo de Witt), 1973 – Die Voortrekkers (Director: David Millin), 1974 – Ongewenste Vreemdeling (Director: Jans Rautenbach, 1974 – Kwikstertjie (Director: Elmo de Witt), 1974 – Tant Ralie Se Losies Huis (Director: Dirk de Villiers), 1975 – Liefste Veertjie (Director: Elmo de Witt), 1975 – Ma Skryf Matriek (Director: Franz Marx), 1975 – Die Troudag van Tant Ralie (Director: Ivan Hall), 1975 – Kniediep… (Directors: Roy Sargeant & Joe Stewardson), 1975 – My Liedjie van Verlange (Director: Bertrand Retief), 1976 – Liefste Madelein (Director: Franz Marx), 1977 – Lag met Wena: ‘n Afrikaanse Filmkonsert (Director: Morné Coetzer), 1978 – Dr. Marius Hugo (Director: Tim Spring), 1979 – Plekkie in die Son (Director: William C. Faure) , 1981 – Nommer asseblief? – die Rolprent (Director: Henk Hugo), 1982 – Verkeerde Nommer (Director: Franz Marx), 1983 – Wolhaarstories (Director: Bromley Cawood), 1986 – Kampus: ‘n Varsity-storie (Director: Etienne Puren), 1986 – Vyfster: die Slot (Director: Sias Odendaal), 1989 – Jobman (Director: Darrell James Roodt).


1977 - Net 'n Bietjie Liefde (TV series) (Director: Henk Hugo), 1979 – Nommer asseblief (TV series) (Director: Henk Hugo), 1980 – The Pain (TV movie) (Director: Edgar Bold), 1980 - Luglokval (TV movie) (Director: Nic de Jager), 1980 – De La Rey (TV movie) (Director: Henk Hugo), 1981 – Gazette (TV series) (Director: Jan Scholtz), 1982 – Vyfster (TV series - Season 1) (Director: Regardt van den Bergh), 1983 - Dennekruin 12 (TV series) (Director: Danie Odendaal), 1983 - Die Rooi Komplot (TV series) (Director: Regardt van den Bergh), 1983 - Dear Kosie (TV short) (Director: Robert Davies), 1984 – Meisie van Suidwes (TV series) (Director: Regardt van den Bergh), 1984 - Geknelde land (TV series) (Director: Henk Hugo), 1985 - Die Jare Daarna... (TV series) (Director: Daan Retief), 1985 - Die Wel en Wee van Thys Coetzee (TV series) (Director: Andries Swanepoel), 1985 - Galery (TV series) (Director: Danie Odendaal), 1985 – Konflikhantering (TV series) (Director: Willie Esterhuizen), 1985 – Koöperasiestories (TV series – Season 2) (Director: Koos Roets), 1987 – Ballade vir ‘n Enkeling (TV series – Season 1) (Director: Henry Mylne), 1990 - The Old Brigade (TV movie) (Director: Hanro Möhr), 1992 - Konings (TV series) (Director: David Lister), 1993 – Ballade vir ‘n Enkeling (TV series – Season 2) (Director: Henry Mylne), 1998 – Egoli (TV series).


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