Sanlam Prys vir Afrikaanse Teater

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A playwriting competition started in 2003 by the insurance giant SANLAM, at the instigation of Nico Luwes of the University of the Free State Drama Department. Inspired by the earlier success of the ATKV Kampustoneel initiative (1983 tot 1997), the aim was to promote and develop the writing of new Afrikaans plays, particularly larger works, with no limitations on size of cast. This would be possible by providing drama departments at tertiary institutions with production costs to enable them to produce by and showing the works at the national Afrikaans festivals. Unlike Kampustoneel, this had a competitive base (the work being judged by a panel of professional theatremakers and critics) and the winning play was expected to play at two other Afrikaans festivals in the same year. This, it was hoped, would offer new young talent a chance to appear on a national stage while the competition itself would stimulate creative work in Afrikaans and improve its standard. The first general winner was Vergenoeg by George Weideman (University of Stellenbosch, 2004), followed by *** (2005), Slaghuis by Willem Anker (University of Stellenbosch, 2006), Lewensreg deur Jan van Tonder??? (2007), Die begrafnis by Phil Janse (pseudonym, 2008), Die Bannelinge by Bauke Snyman (2009). Since 2006 the winning texts were also published by Genugtig! Publishers. The first two years the competition took place at the Volksbladfees in Bloemfontein, then in 2006 moved to Aardklop in Potchefstroom, and then moved to Oudtshoorn as part of the KKNK (2007-2009). It was discontinued in 2010, and the money redirected to the KKNK management for the promotion of new Afrikaans work.


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