Ritual 2378

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Ritual 2378 is a play by Ian Ferguson. One-act. Cast: mixed. Published in Contemporary South African Plays by Ravan Press, 1977. An interpretation of The Bacchae for modern man.

Performance history in South Africa

1972: The play was first performed at the Little Theatre, Cape Town, on 22nd April 1972 under the direction of Robert Mohr. The cast: Anthony Flesch, Regardt van den Bergh, Vincent Ebrahim, Bill Flynn, Neville Thomas, Sean Baumann, Michael Richard, Denis Bettesworth. The Guards were Paul Baskind, Philip Godawa, Bernard Nathanson and Etienne Puren. Margaret Rosendorff played "Agave". Decor and costumes by Peter Krummeck, lighting designed by Pip Marshall.


Notes: Contemporary South African Plays p. 63.

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