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The PACT Potpourri Festival is a festival of new, original South African plays.

The Afrikaans title is TRUK Potpourri-fees (or simply Potpourri-fees).

Also referred to simply as the Potpourri Festival, Pot Pourri Festival and Pot-Pourri Festival.

The festival

Created by PACT in the early 1980s as a place to showcase writing by PACT artists and other new writers. The festival later encompassed other art forms as well.

Among the plays that were launched there over the years were Die Hoofkarakter Sensor die Drama by Fransi Phillips (1983), Die Clown by Fransi Phillips (1984), Journey Without Words, The Last Twist of the Knife by Dieter Reible (1987); Ngamasa by Themba ka-Nyathi (1987); Die Prys ("The Prize") by Andrew Wilson and Guy de Lancey (1987), Above the Wind by John Olive (in a local adaptation workshopped by Terrence Shank and the company, 1987), Man in die Blou Maan by Ilse van Hemert (1989), Let the Spear Fit the Wound by Rufus Swart (1991)


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