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The Pieter Fourie Genootskap ("Pieter Fourie Association") was an Afrikaans travelling theatre company (1965-1966).

Sometimes called the Pieter Fourie-toneelgeselskap or Pieter Fourie Toneelgeselskap ("Pieter Fourie theatre company").


The company was founded by Pieter Fourie, under the inspiration of Eitemal (Prof Erlank) and active between 1964 tot 1966, travelling through the platteland (rural areas) with a caravan. It was to be the last of the old travelling Afrikaans companies. There were three original members to the company, Pieter Fourie, Christine Basson and Marie Pentz.

Fourie wrote or translated and directed many of the plays they did, also acting in a number of them.

The company began touring on 5 January 1965 and ending on 15 December. The following year followed the same pattern, Basson being replaced by Lydia Theron and the company performing Vergewe Ons Ons Skulde (written by Pieter Fourie).

The company disbanded when Fourie joined the CAPAB theatre company as company manager on 12 Desember 1966.


Though he apparently did not want to do translations, but only original Afrikaans work, the initial repertoire included Wie is die Moordenaar? (translation of Attentat by Willi Oscar Somin), translated, directed and performed by Fourie (1964-5).

He also wrote a number of sentimental plays for the company, clearly aimed at popular appeal in the rural areas where they travelled. None of the texts appear to have survived. Among the titles were Die Onbegraafde Lyk ("The unburied corpse", 1965), Die Wakker Wewenaar ("The spry bachelor", 1965), Vergewe Ons Ons Skulde ("Forgive us our trespasses", 1966), Gee Terug My Pen ("Give me back my pen") and Ester die Maltrap ("Ester the madcap").


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Interview with Lydia Theron, Cape Town 18 January, 2019.

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