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Martine (1922) is a play by French playwright Jean-Jacques Bernard [1] (1888-1972). The play is about a country girl who, married later, finds her heart throbbing for a youth whom she had met casually years before. Published in The Sulky fire : five plays, translated from the French by John Leslie Frith, Jonathan Cape, 1939. Also containing The Sulky Fire, The Springime of Others, Invitation to a Voyage, The Unquiet Spirit.

Produced c. 1943 by Joyce Burch in the Little Theatre with Zoë Randall, Richard Buncher, Fred Gluck, Nell Angles, Joan Lindstrom. Sets by Cecil Pym.


Trek, 7(15):17 1943.

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World Drama, by Allardyce Nicoll. Harrap, 1949.

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