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Johan Brewis (b. Fraserburg, 13/10/1918 – d. 18/11/2000) was an actor.


Johannes Casper Stephanus Brewis was born on the farm Modderfontein in the Fraserburg district of the old Cape Province. He joined the Anton Ackermann Geselskap at a very early age and one of the first productions in which he appeared was an Afrikaans adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, entitled Koop my Blomme (1940), which was staged at the Standard Theatre in Johannesburg with Pikkie Uys in the lead. Other appearances for Ackermann were in Hier Kom Japie (1943), Onskuldig Veroordeel (1943) and O Diep Rivier, O Donker Stroom (1945), as well as Die Hele Dorp Skinder and Martjie, die Maltrap (dates uncertain). In the early 1980s he was affiliated with SUKOVS and acted in Die Ryk Weduwee (1980), Hond se Gedagte (1981) and André P. Brink’s Afrikaans adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, retitled Die Tragedie van Romeo en Juliet (1981). The latter was produced by Sandra Kotzé, recorded by the SABC and transmitted in June 1982.

He also appeared in supporting roles in a number of films, including four directed by David Millin and three by Ivan Hall. For television he acted in an episode of the series Die Swart Kat (1985), directed by Bromley Cawood. In 1944 he married the actress Marie Herselman, a fellow member of the Anton Ackermann Geselskap. Their daughter, Luana Brewis, was a senior archivist at the National Film, Video and Sound Archive in Pretoria. She also edited the CARFO film Thaba (1977), together with its director Willie Alheit.

Film Credits

1954 – ‘n Taal se Opkoms: Afrikaans Triomfeer / Pearl of the Paarl (short) (Director: Kurt Baum), 1959 – Ek Sal Opstaan (Director: Kappie Botha), 1971 – Breekpunt (Director: Daan Retief), 1971 – Die Banneling (Director: David Millin), 1972 – Boemerang 11:15 (Director: Ivan Hall), 1972 – Salomien (Director: Daan Retief), 1973 – Met Moed, Durf en Bloed / The Brave! The Rough! / The Raw!'' (Director: David Millin), 1973 – Die Sersant en die Tiger Moth (Director: Koos Roets), 1973 – Môre, Môre (Director: Elmo de Witt), 1973 – Die Voortrekkers (Director: David Millin), 1974 – Dans van die Flamink (Director: Ivan Hall), 1974 – Suster Teresa (Director: David Millin), 1974 – Funeral for an Assassin (Director: Ivan Hall), 1974 – Iemand Soos Jy / Someone Like You (Director: Elmo de Witt), 1984 – Broer Matie (Director: Jans Rautenbach).


Martjie, die Maltrap theatre programme.

Die Ryk Weduwee theatre programme, 1980.

Beeld, 1 September 1994.

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