Anton Ackermann Geselskap

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An Afrikaans touring theatrical company (1935-1940)

Founding and early history

Founded by Anton Ackermann and * Nell in 1935, with Ackermann as the artistic director, * Nell as financier. Originally called the Ackermann-Nell Geselskap (the "Ackermann-Nell Company") , then renamed the Anton Ackermann Geselskap. The company included Sannie Uys, whom he renamed Pikkie Uys, Hans Brits (later to be known as Don Siebritz), and Benn Potgieter.

Impact on SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

The company toured South Africa from 1935 till 1940, and their repertoire including including Hand van die Gereg, Wittebroodsdae and Koop my Blomme ("Buy my flowers", a popular Afrikaans version of Shaw's Pygmalion, 1940), *****


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