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Sometimes merely referred to simply as Excelsior. An Afrikaans-Dutch cultural society also active in amateur theatre in Pretoria. Made up largely of staff from Di Volksstem. **In February 1924 they combined with the Helpmekaar Fonds ("Mutual Help Fund") to stage C.J. Langenhoven's Die Wêreld Draai ("The World Turns") and ** Du Toit's Die Beloning van Jaloesie ("The Reward of Jealousy") en Geldsug ("Avarice"). In the same year they did the first performance of Lenie by H.A. Fagan and Afrikaner Harte ("Afrikaner Hearts") by M.M. Jansen. ** . ** They ended the year 1924 with a show for the "Printer's Christmas Fund".


(See Binge, 1969; Du Toit, 1988) [TH, JH]

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