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(The Dream Peddlar) by Carl Theunissen. The play is about a typical blue-collar family in a drab mining town who has difficulty in understanding their sensttive son who has had visions since childhood. He disappears for a time and when he returns he has become cruel and forces the family to face up to their nasty hidden secrets.

The play was entered for the SACPAC Prize in 1992.

The original text

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

Directed by Ilse van Hemert, Momentum, State Theatre, 2-27 February 1993. Designs by Chris van den Berg. Lighting by Jacques Mulder. The cast: Louis van Niekerk (Pa), Trudie Taljaard (Ma), Gustav Geldenhuys (Johannes), David Clatworthy (Heyn), Henriëtta Gryffenberg (Beulah), Wilmien Rossouw (Lien).


Reviewed in Financial Mail 26 February 1993; Vrye Weekblad 5-11 Feb 1993, The Citizen 5 Feb 1993, Sunday Times 7 Feb 1993, Beeld 4 Feb 1993.

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